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Dinos Appearing Across America

This billboard appears on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, just east of Pittsburgh.

Dinosaurs are popping up from New York to California in the Creation Museum’s latest billboard campaign.

So far, over 100 billboards have been secured, including 58 that are located …

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Lucy Has Arrived

As a part of our fifth anniversary celebration this weekend, the Creation Museum has opened a new high-tech exhibit designed to expose the scientific bankruptcy of the evolutionary interpretation of the famous so-called ape-woman “Lucy.”

The Lucy exhibit is located

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Home Improvement

After thousands of Men in White presentations in the Special Effects Theater, our maintenance team is working on repairs to the seats this week. You can imagine what a task it might be to repair theater seats that are hooked …

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A New Legacy

A special gathering of Creation Museum supporters and staff enjoyed an evening of music, a challenge from Ken Ham, and a behind-the-scenes update of the Ark Encounter project during the dedication of the museum’s new 1,000-seat auditorium, Legacy Hall

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An Ark Encounter

Creation Museum guests are getting a preview of the Ark Encounter project during the entire month of August as a part of our special promotion, Back to School Survival Days.

The exhibit shows several components of the park layout, …

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High tech meets high waters

Using the latest technology, the Creation Museum will take guests on a journey through time like no other they have experienced. The realistic scenery and props will immerse guests in the experience, and the educational videos (over 60 of them) …

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New look, new feel

As usual, there are a lot of exciting changes taking place in the museum design category. Recently, the Museum Design Team took on one VERY large-scale change: a complete redesign of the entire front exterior of the museum! A daunting …

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“Confusion”, the fourth “C” in the museum walk-through, deals with man’s corporate rejection of God by constructing a tower made from bricks.

God condemns this act by halting construction and confusing the language. Massive chaos ensues and small groups of …

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George and the Dragon

Hi, my name is Travis; I’m one of the five sculptors working at the museum.

About eight months ago, my boss, Patrick, approached me about sculpting a relief of George slaying the dragon, to be displayed in the museum bookstore. …

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Design Update—Deinonychus

Over the past two weeks we have been designing a scene that will give a little bit of an idea as to what the world would have been like before sin. What we came up with was a somewhat menacing-looking, …

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