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World-Class Dinosaur Donated to the Creation Museum

Allosaur skull fossil

[Editor’s note: This is a slightly adapted version of a news release that is being circulated to the U.S. media today.]

Creation Museum to Use Impressive Allosaur to Proclaim Genesis, not Evolution

PETERSBURG, Ky., Oct. 18, 2013 — The …

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New Planetarium Program Showcases Comets


Fires in the Sky debuts today at the Creation Museum!

We are excited to announce a new program in our Stargazers Planetarium. Fires in the Sky: The Sun Grazing Comets comes just a few months before the sun grazing Comet  …

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Dragon Invasion in the Cincinnati Region


Billboards advertising the new Dragon Legends exhibit are beginning to pop up around the Cincinnati region (including Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Lexington) this week. These colorful ads highlight the new display that is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend!

Here …

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Bringing Lucy to Life

Check out Doug Henderson

Last year, we opened an exhibit featuring one of the most famous fossils ever discovered, known popularly as “Lucy.”

Lucy is the “poster girl” of human evolution, a member of the same family from which modern humans arose. At least …

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Zipping Along!


Over the next several weeks, a crew is installing a new zip line that will be among the largest in our region!

Travelers will trek on 20 zip lines that range from 270 feet to 900 feet in length and …

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Verbum Domini Exhibit Opens

Steve, Cary, and Ken

A new exhibit at the Creation Museum, part of an impressive travelling exhibition of rare Bible manuscripts and artifacts from the famed Green Collection, was dedicated recently. Leading the dedication ceremony was Steve Green, Chairman of the Board of …

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Ark Encounter Exhibit Opens

The Ark Encounter design team (all members of which previously worked on the Creation Museum) has designed a new Ark exhibit just outside the entrance of the Creation Museum.

To give you a perspective of the Ark’s size, Creation Museum …

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“Passages” Display Coming Soon

A new exhibit featuring a small selection of items from the Passages exhibit is currently under construction in the Palm Plaza area of the Creation Museum. The collection, which is sponsored by the Hobby Lobby chain of arts and crafts …

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BJU Press Display

Guests who visit the Legacy Hall Bookstore will find this cool exhibit featuring first-class resources from BJU Press. The BJU Press curriculum unashamedly holds to the biblical-creation/six-literal-day view that is proclaimed at the Creation Museum.

Creation Museum members receive …

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Lucy Has Arrived

As a part of our fifth anniversary celebration this weekend, the Creation Museum has opened a new high-tech exhibit designed to expose the scientific bankruptcy of the evolutionary interpretation of the famous so-called ape-woman “Lucy.”

Perhaps more than any other …

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