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A Skull Encounter

Allosaur skull

Many of you surely have seen all the attention the Creation Museum has received this year after one of the biggest and best-preserved allosaur fossils went on display in the Flood Geology area.

Known as Ebenezer, the skull of this …

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Dinosaurs at the Creation Museum


With over two dozen dinosaur models at the Creation Museum, there are many photo opportunities for our guests! Probably the most popular for families and groups is the Saltasaurus that is located in the Grand Plaza out front.

The next …

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Adam Naming the Animals

Adam Naming the Animals

One of the most intriguing and thought-provoking places in the museum is the Garden of Eden. Although many of our guests just walk through and enjoy the beauty of the scenery that makes everything come to life for them, …

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Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart Frog

Highlighting the dangers of the beautiful but sometimes deadly poison dart frogs, the Creation Museum has an exhibit featuring the tiny amphibians, which reminds guests that prior to the Fall of man—when Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden—nothing …

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Scoping out the Insects

Insectorium microscope

Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium opened in May 2013, but it wasn’t completely done yet. That is, even though nothing appeared to be missing, one exhibit was still planned for the room as what you might call Phase 2. Dr. Crawley and …

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A Great Idea for Your Small Group

Murfreesboro Small Group

Are you looking for a great idea for your small group? The following is from a leader of a group that visited last month:

Our New Vision Baptist Church small group came to the Creation Museum on Friday and Saturday,

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A Sea of Shells

Swollen fig shell

In the museum’s collection department, we are swimming in a sea of shells. A couple of years ago, a shell collector of over 50 years donated his extensive collection to the museum. We have started the long process of cataloging …

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Fortress of Solitude


A lifetime member of the museum recently donated his mineral collection. Stephanie McDorman, our collections manager, wrote the following about these new items:

Sometimes I’m the only person here in the collections room, and when I’m working with crystals like

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What Do Butterflies and Fossils Have in Common?


Years ago, Gary Dennison found out through a post on an insect forum that we were building an insect exhibit at the Creation Museum. Gary happened to collect butterflies, but more than that, he had developed a skill and art …

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See the Bible Come to Life at the Creation Museum

Where did Cain get his wife?

Did you know that the Creation Museum has a biblical walk through history, from Creation to the Cross and ending with the Consummation? While walking through Creation, you can experience the verdant Garden of Eden and observe the creation …

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