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The Return of the Pterodactyl

Repairing the Pterodactyl

Back on May 25, 2006, Ken Ham wrote the following in a blog post:

An animatronic pterodactyl sculpted and engineered totally by AiG Creation Museum staff was raised today to “guard” the entrance to the new Creation Museum bookstore. The

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Construction Complete

Front wall

Recently we have mentioned the wall that was being built in front of the Creation Museum. We needed the weather to cooperate, and we endured the general mess associated with a construction site. Now we are pleased to announce the …

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Home Improvement

After thousands of Men in White presentations in the Special Effects Theater, our maintenance team is working on repairs to the seats this week. You can imagine what a task it might be to repair theater seats that are hooked …

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Under Renovation

Do you recognize where this picture was taken?  If you’ve been to the Museum you’re probably seen this space, but not like this.

This is Noah’s Café.  The area has started renovation this week.  The first step was to remove …

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