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Ready for Severe Weather


The Creation Museum has earned the “StormReady Supporter” designation from NOAA’s National Weather Service for completing the severe weather preparedness program.

The museum’s safety team met a rigorous set of criteria covering warning communications and emergency planning to earn StormReady …

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The Walls at the Creation Museum

New wall in parking lot

Around the Creation Museum, as soon as one project ends, the next one is already under way! We recently renovated the wall in the parking lot to repair some cracking in the mortar which had created an unsafe condition.

Now …

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Zipping Along!


Over the next several weeks, a crew is installing a new zip line that will be among the largest in our region!

Travelers will trek on 20 zip lines that range from 270 feet to 900 feet in length and …

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Creation Museum Update

The much anticipated, long awaited Creation Museum is scheduled to open May 28, 2007 and the Fabrication Team is working at a break-neck pace to meet the goal. We have 50 temporary staff from local agencies assisting the regular Museum …

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2006 Construction Progress Report

It has been a very busy time here at the Creation Museum. Our staff has been blessed to have many volunteers coming from all over the country. We see work happening day after day, and it is a great blessing. …

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Fabrication update

Oh my, where does one begin to describe the changes occurring these days? The steel in the portico is all in place for the glazers to install the glass. This room will be used as a large gathering area where …

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Update on current projects

The Fabrication, Facilities and New Construction teams have been busy at work over the last several months on various projects throughout the museum. Below is an update on some of their current projects:

The Wonders Room (the room right before …

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Salvation on the job

Today Nathan, fabrication supervisor, has some exciting news to share:

Usually the Fabrication Update only has news of progress on the construction of the museum exhibits. But today, there is even greater news to share!

Due to the continuing importance

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Fabrication Update—Construction zone

LeRoy, Facilities Manager, has provided an update on the fabrication work that has been taking place around the museum the last several weeks.

This week, as with every week, we have had so much going on in every area of

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Facilities Update—Various projects taking place

We have had a lot going on here lately. More and more projects are getting started and, at the same time, more crews are being put in place to keep working towards our goal of opening in 2007. The fabricators …

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