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Finishing Our Construction Projects

Asphalt work

We would appreciate your prayers for good weather for us here at the Creation Museum. We still have a lot of work to be completed in the Grand Plaza area before this year’s Christmas Town.

We need to do …

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Front of the Creation Museum Receives a Facelift

Grand Plaza Trees

Last spring, we added a rock wall and some flowerbeds to enhance the Grand Plaza; then we took a break so as not to cause too much interruption to our summer crowds. When things started to slow down, our construction …

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After Eight Summers

Museum Staff Picnic

After a great summer of fabulous attendance numbers, our guest services department had their annual picnic in the gardens. It was a great time of fellowship and a chance to tell our seasonal staff one last good-bye until Christmas or …

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Late Summer Beauty

Banana Trees

Usually we associate beautiful gardens with the springtime of the year, but when you have a significant amount of rainfall like we have had in Northern Kentucky this summer, a botanical garden like ours remains verdant and lush. Many of …

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Improvements Continue

Grand Plaza renovation

We are starting the second phase of the beautification of the Grand Plaza now that peak season is winding down and we can work around the entrance and egress of the museum without as many complications. In June, we finished …

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Getting Ready for Your Visit

Staff Lunch

This week guest and food services have been training our seasonal staff to get them ready to help us make the summer crowd’s visit the most enjoyable and memorable as possible.  Here is a picture of guest services staff–in-training having …

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Visit Our Own “Garden of Eden”


The Garden of Eden mentioned in Genesis must have been a beautiful place—of course, that was before sin changed everything (see Genesis 3). And, of course, the Flood of Noah’s day totally destroyed the pre-Flood world, including the Garden of …

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Zipping Along!


Over the next several weeks, a crew is installing a new zip line that will be among the largest in our region!

Travelers will trek on 20 zip lines that range from 270 feet to 900 feet in length and …

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Wow! What an incredible month March was. The number of projects that are being worked on outside is amazing. Some of the projects are being completed by outside contractors, but many are being completed by our own staff and volunteers. …

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Spring is in sight!

This has been a February that the Grounds Crew would like to forget. Extremely bitter cold temperatures, heavy snows, and ice storms has slowed us down but not stopped us completely. We have several trees damaged by the ice and …

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