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Improvements Continue

Grand Plaza renovation

We are starting the second phase of the beautification of the Grand Plaza now that peak season is winding down and we can work around the entrance and egress of the museum without as many complications. In June, we finished …

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Getting Ready for Your Visit

Staff Lunch

This week guest and food services have been training our seasonal staff to get them ready to help us make the summer crowd’s visit the most enjoyable and memorable as possible.  Here is a picture of guest services staff–in-training having …

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Visit Our Own “Garden of Eden”


The Garden of Eden mentioned in Genesis must have been a beautiful place—of course, that was before sin changed everything (see Genesis 3). And, of course, the Flood of Noah’s day totally destroyed the pre-Flood world, including the Garden of …

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Zipping Along!


Over the next several weeks, a crew is installing a new zip line that will be among the largest in our region!

Travelers will trek on 20 zip lines that range from 270 feet to 900 feet in length and …

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Wow! What an incredible month March was. The number of projects that are being worked on outside is amazing. Some of the projects are being completed by outside contractors, but many are being completed by our own staff and volunteers. …

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Spring is in sight!

This has been a February that the Grounds Crew would like to forget. Extremely bitter cold temperatures, heavy snows, and ice storms has slowed us down but not stopped us completely. We have several trees damaged by the ice and …

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Color in the winter?

Well, it seems that winter has finally decided to settle in on us here in the Greater Cincinnati area.

I know many of you have been dealing with this for some time, but here we had been enjoying an extremely …

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What a difference a year makes!

With a new year beginning, I thought it would be fun to look back at some before-and-after pictures of different projects the grounds crew worked so hard on in 2006.

The Carnivorous Bog Garden was finally ready to plant in …

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Beautiful Fall Days

This has been the warmest and most beautiful fall season that I can remember in this area. The grounds crew have definitely taken advantage of the weather and enjoyed working the week after Thanksgiving in short sleeve shirts! I thought …

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Topiary T. rex

It’s the first of November and there is a definite chill in the air! We have had a few nights of below freezing temperatures, which have come earlier than normal around here. This has prompted us to start the over-wintering …

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