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Family Fishing and Camping

This weekend the Creation Museum hosts its fifth annual Family Fishing and Camping event for its members. Registered campers from six states and one province (KY, OH, IN, MA, PA, MI, and Ontario) will enjoy an evening of fishing, a …

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Member Event: Fossil Hunt

Calling all Creation Museum members! Join us September 8 on a trip to Caesar Creek Lake in Warren County, Ohio, for a day of hunting fossils. Answers in Genesis geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling will lead this one-day excursion to one …

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Fossil Hunting Fun

It was a chilly, drizzly day, but spirits were high and the fellowship was warm as Creation Museum members met at Ceasar Creek Lake for a fossil hunt this past Saturday. Dr. Andrew Snelling conducted the dig, sharing his abundant …

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The Amazing Hair

One of Dr. David Menton’s most popular workshops at the Creation Museum is called “Beauty is Skin Deep.” In this voyage under the microscope, students discover some of the complexities of human skin, including the intricacies of the hair.…

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Gone Fishin’

This past weekend was our second annual members-only Family Fishing and Camping event. It was an exciting weekend with lots of different activities taking place. Members enjoyed playing volleyball, picnicking in the gardens, and riding our camel, Gomer.

Of …

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June Snakes Alive Workshops

Black Milk Snakes to be Featured on Saturdays in June

During the popular Snakes Alive workshops, herpetologist Rick Teepen will introduce you to a variety of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and an alligator. He also incorporates a strong Christian message …

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Museum Members Tour

The benefits of a membership to the Creation Museum continue to abound with a great line-up of members-only events. Recently, Dr. David Menton took a group of members through the museum on the first Life Science Tour.

Dr. Menton

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Members Event: Life Science Tours

Available Dates: March 21, 28; April 4, 11, 18, 25. Stay tuned—more dates to be added soon.

The Creation Museum is full of science! On this tour Dr. David Menton helps guests take a closer look at some of the …

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Members Event: Father/Son Campout

April 1–2

Fathers, bring your sons to the Creation Museum for a fun and unique camping experience! You’ll have the opportunity to spend the night in a wooded area on the museum property. And don’t worry—we’ll be far removed from …

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