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The Mystery Uncovered—Baby Tooth

Today we’re looking through the microscope with Dr. David Menton.

This is a light micrograph of an early stage in the development of a tooth in a human fetus. The tooth germ has budded off from a layer of

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Another “Microscopic Mystery”—Solved!

Another “Microscopic Mystery” solved! Yesterday, we posted this photo on our Facebook page.

And many of you got it right! Here’s Dr. David Menton’s description of the subject.

This is a light microscope photograph of a thin cross section

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Hear Ye!

If you “like” the Creation Museum on Facebook, you probably saw yesterday’s “Microscopic Monday” photo:

Here’s the answer from Dr. David Menton:

This is a light micrograph of the human organ of Corti within the Cochlea of the

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Cyclops Found at the Creation Museum!

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been posting photos from Dr. David Menton’s workshops on our Facebook page. Today’s image is from his class, “Microscarium.”

Dr. Menton’s comments are as follows:

This is a dark field microscope photo

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A Microscopic Mystery, Solved!

Yesterday, we posted a “mysterious” photo on our Facebook page. Did you answer correctly?

This is a high magnification of a small part of a mammalian ovary showing a primordial follicle on the left and a primary follicle on …

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Under the Microscope

Yesterday on our Facebook page, we posted this photo from Dr. David Menton, who facilitates several workshops at the Creation Museum, including “Microscarium” and “Beauty is Skin Deep.”

Congrats to all our Facebook friends who guessed the subject …

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