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The Impact of a Visit

The impact of visiting the Creation Museum can truly be amazing. At a recent staff meeting, we had the privilege of hearing the testimony of Scott Seigman as he spoke of his family’s visit to the museum several years ago. …

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Pack Your Shoeboxes!

On Saturday, November 2, workers with Operation Christmas Child will be here at the Creation Museum to collect shoeboxes. What’s so special about these shoeboxes?

For 20 years about 100 million children in over 130 countries have enjoyed receiving shoebox …

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Dino Dig: Become A Paleontologist (for a Week!)

Room is still available on both of our Dinosaur Digs with Buddy Davis this fall in Glendive, Montana. Jill Gregory, one our our “Dino Dig Alumni.” writes today to tell you about her adventure:

When I was 6 years old

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How is God’s Word being questioned today?

Signs around the Creation Museum

The First Attack: Question God’s Word
Adam Believed God’s Word: God said, “Eat of the fruit, and you shall surely die.”

Satan Questioned It: “Did God really say…?” “You shall not surely die?”

Humanity Abandoned

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Proclaiming the Faith

In today’s blog we’re taking a look at the signs in the Creation Museum and looking forward to the Answers in Genesis Family Conference in July!

Since it would take days (quite literally!) to read every sign in the Creation …

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