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Visit Our Own “Garden of Eden”

The Garden of Eden mentioned in Genesis must have been a beautiful place—of course, that was before sin changed everything (see Genesis 3). And, of course, the Flood of Noah’s day totally destroyed the pre-Flood world, including the Garden of …

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Dinos Appearing Across America

This billboard appears on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, just east of Pittsburgh.

Dinosaurs are popping up from New York to California in the Creation Museum’s latest billboard campaign.

So far, over 100 billboards have been secured, including 58 that are located …

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Winter Photography Workshop: Gallery II

Enjoy more pictures from the recent Winter Photography Workshop at the Creation Museum.  You can learn more about upcoming workshops (Spring, Summer, and Fall) at this link.

John S

Jonathan D

Paula D

Susan E

Tonya B

You can …

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Winter Photography Workshop: Gallery I

An enthusiastic group turned out for the Winter Photography Workshop.  It was a cold couple of days, but the lights were beautiful, especially against the snow.

Deb Minnard, part of the Foto FX photography team at the Creation Museum reflects …

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Programs & Events Update

The Programs & Events team has been planning the Grand Opening festivities for the past few months. In the meantime, we’ve also been working on some final fundraisers to help finish bringing in the nearly $3 million dollars that is …

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A Pavilion Provided

Periodically, we need to break from daily routines and go somewhere for a time of spiritual refreshment. Thus, we seek a retreat for personal time with the Lord. In Psalms 27:5 and 31:20, David speaks of God’s pavilion or dwelling …

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Guest Services Update

Ready or not, here they come!

Training for the Guest Services staff has begun! It is hard to believe that we are ready for this. Yet on the other hand, it has been a long time coming. It is amazing …

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"Men for Missions" Returns to the Creation Museum

Men for Missions Team Leader Wayne Camfield wrote this article about his group’s recent volunteer work at the Creation Museum.

Men for Missions (MFM), a Christian service organization from Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, returned to the Creation

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Creation Museum Update

The much anticipated, long awaited Creation Museum is scheduled to open May 28, 2007 and the Fabrication Team is working at a break-neck pace to meet the goal. We have 50 temporary staff from local agencies assisting the regular Museum …

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Museum Programs & Events Update

Many exciting events are in the works. Our next planned event is the Missing Links Golf Classic on Monday, April 30th, 2007. This golf outing is to benefit exhibit construction at the Creation Museum and will be held at the …

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