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Grand Slam!

June is a great month for a grand slam! If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, why not treat Dad to some baseball when you come for a visit to the Creation Museum? Quite frequently, we notice fans of other teams …

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Family Assistance Program

We are pleased to announce our new free Family Assistance Program.

Through this program, visiting the Creation Museum has never been easier. This program is great for homeschool families, large families, or any family who would like to come and …

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Win Two Tickets!

We’re giving away two General Admission tickets to the Creation Museum!

This weekend (Friday, January 14, through Monday, January 17 at 7:00 AM), enter to win two tickets to the Creation Museum. We will be giving away two sets of …

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Creation Museum Hotel Information Now Available

Hi, it’s Jason, from the Sales team here at the Creation Museum. As I look at my calendar this morning, I see that tomorrow is the first day of spring. The excitement is building here at the museum as …

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What is happening in Sales?

Greetings from Todd and the entire Sales team at the Creation Museum. There’s been plenty going on here in preparation for the museum opening, including getting ready for all the different groups that will be visiting from all over the …

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Concierge Program Coming Soon!

When is a job not a job? When it is a JOY! Come to the Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum JOB FAIR on Friday, January 26. We have dozens of full-time and part-time openings for Christians who desire to share the

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