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Meet a Team Member – Kim

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Hi, my name is Kim, and I am the assistant to the Membership Manager here at the Creation Museum.

I first found out about the Creation Museum when Ken Ham spoke at my church, which is in a rural area …

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Meet a Team Member-Mark


My name is Mark, and I am a scenic artist for the Creation Museum. I have been painting murals as well as designing, fabricating and installing natural history museum exhibits for about 15 years.

At the age of 15, I …

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Meet a Team Member-Jon


My name is Jonathan, and I’m an illustrator for the Creation Museum.
It seems hard to believe, but my wife and I have been here almost fifteen months. We moved to northern Kentucky from Florida where I was working as …

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Meet a Team Member – Jason


Hi, I’m Jason. I’m the Promotions Manager here at the Creation Museum.

Around these parts, I’m known as number 200. In September 2006, I became the 200th employee at AiG. This designation was particularly exciting for me because I’ve had …

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Meet a Team Member – Patrick


I always loved to design – it’s in my blood. I taught basic design at UCLA, while I was a graduate student and told my students, if you aren’t willing to eat, sleep and breathe design 24 hours a day, …

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Meet a Team Member – Travis


Hi, my name is Travis. I’ve been sculpting here at the Museum since May of 2005.

Shortly after I started homeschooling in ninth grade (I attended public schools up until then), my neighbor introduced me to the idea that the …

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Meet a Team Member – Kristen


My name is Kristen and I am the Scenic Designer here at the Creation Museum.

As the Scenic Designer I am responsible for the creation of all theatrical scenery. As a scenic designer I come from a traditional background of …

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Meet a Team Member – Elizabeth


After I finally completed graduate school in Florida last year, my husband and I decided we were free to begin the job search for something a little closer to home. Both of our families are from Illinois, so the prospect …

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Meet a Team Member – James

James DeLeon.JPG

Hi, I’m James.

After four years of working as a graphic designer for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, I decided it was time to look for a “better” job, something a little more challenging and a …

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Meet a team member


Hello—My name is Cathy.

I am one of the museum artists and I am a designer at heart. When I see something, I am constantly studying its design, or how to rearrange it so it can communicate a message better. …

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