Finishing Our Construction Projects

We would appreciate your prayers for good weather for us here at the Creation Museum. We still have a lot of work to be completed in the Grand Plaza area before this year’s Christmas Town.

We need to do …

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Taming Dinosaurs?

You don’t have to look long or hard for one of the Creation Museum’s most famous exhibits when you enter the Main Hall. That exhibit, of course, is the depiction of children playing next to young T. rex dinosaurs.


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Volunteering at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum, which is a ministry of Answers in Genesis, uses volunteers from all walks of life and especially those that have retired and just want to give of their time. We frequently get couples that come for a …

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Front of the Creation Museum Receives a Facelift

Last spring, we added a rock wall and some flowerbeds to enhance the Grand Plaza; then we took a break so as not to cause too much interruption to our summer crowds. When things started to slow down, our construction …

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Deaf Night at Christmas Town

On Saturday, December 6, American Sign Language interpreters will work in various parts of the museum to bring the Christmas Town program to life for guests who are deaf.

Christmas Town is a free event featuring enchanting lighted gardens, an …

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Appalachian Bible College Returns to the Creation Museum


An annual trip to the Creation Museum is a part of the curriculum for a course at Appalachian Bible College: PS105 Freshman Seminar.

This course has three overarching objectives:

  1. Spiritual life foundational issues
  2. Study skills foundational issues
  3. Understanding

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Not Too Old for the Zip Lines!

Although you can be too young to try out the amazing zip line adventure courses at the Creation Museum, some guests prove they are not too old. Just the other day we had a group of three that did the …

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Your Family is Invited to a Christmas Presentation!

During last year’s Christmas Town, we surveyed many of our guests and asked them, “Why did you come?” The vast majority responded that they were looking for a family-friendly event. They also responded that they chose Christmas Town over other …

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Christmas Dinner with Ken and Mally

Note: This event has been cancelled as of November 21, 2014. This post is still published for the sake of our online archive.

Celebrate the birth of our Savior with us on December 4, 2014, in Legacy Hall at …

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It’s Almost Time for Dia Latino at the Creation Museum!

This Saturday, October 11, is Día Latino at the Creation Museum! We are pleased to announce our second annual Día Latino as an outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking folks in the United States.

We will have approximately 23 volunteers placed …

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