Construction Continues

Flower bed construction

There seems to be something always in the works at the Creation Museum. A crew is working to finish the planter wall in the front parking lot.

Another crew is working at finishing the flower beds that are being constructed …

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Birds of a Kind

Red-Billed Firefinch

Many birds classified as belonging to different families go by the common name of “finch.” Despite many differences, including a vast array of colors and sizes and differently sized beaks, many species of finches—especially those that taxonomists classify as belonging …

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Results of a Survey

Miles Traveled to the Museum

On any given day, a walk through the parking lot to look at the various license plates on the cars is quite interesting. When we tell people the average distance that our guests drive to visit the Creation Museum, some …

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Meet Officer Sandy

Officer Sandy

In the fall of 2011, the Creation Museum was blessed to receive a special donation from master trainer Adam Witherspoon, owner of Shiloh K9, in Stoneville, NC. Officer Sandy was rescued from a confined life in a 4’ x 4’ …

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Our Popular Answers for Kids Workshops

Answers for Kids Workshops

In his well-researched book Already Gone, Ken Ham explains why so many children are leaving the church. One of the reasons he cites is that children are regularly taught what are called Bible “stories” instead of “biblical accounts

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Lucy Exhibit

Lucy Exhibit

This past spring, we opened a new exhibit called Facing the Allosaurus, and it has become a very popular exhibit, especially with the many children who have come as a result of our Kids Free in 2014 promotion. …

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Watch a Total Lunar Eclipse at the Creation Museum!

Johnson Observatory

Oddly enough, lunar eclipses can only occur when there is a full moon . . . so they are all the more exciting as you watch Earth’s shadow pass across the face of the moon. And they are a fairly …

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Join Us for Dia Latino at the Creation Museum!

Día Latino 2013

We are coming up on our second annual Día Latino at the Creation Museum. This is part of an effort by Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum that was initiated in June 2013 to reach out not only to …

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Register Today for the Raptor Run 5K!

Raptor Run

Do you enjoy running? Do you like supporting a worthy cause? We encourage you to participate in a special program that the Creation Museum puts on each fall—the Raptor Run 5K!

Whether you like to sprint or walk to the …

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Creation Museum Deaf Day 2014

Deaf Day

The Creation Museum’s fifth annual Deaf Day is rapidly approaching! On Saturday, October 4th, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and volunteers who are Deaf will be working in various areas of the museum to assist and interpret for Deaf guests …

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