Teen Rally at the Creation Museum

Reliant Youth Conference in Legacy Hall

How many youth conferences do you know that use one of their sessions for apologetics? Just a couple of weeks ago Reliant Youth Conference (RYC) spent a day at the Creation Museum as part of their three-day event. In attendance …

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A Sea of Shells

Swollen fig shell

In the museum’s collection department, we are swimming in a sea of shells. A couple of years ago, a shell collector of over 50 years donated his extensive collection to the museum. We have started the long process of cataloging …

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Fortress of Solitude


A lifetime member of the museum recently donated his mineral collection. Stephanie McDorman, our collections manager, wrote the following about these new items:

Sometimes I’m the only person here in the collections room, and when I’m working with crystals like

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What Do Butterflies and Fossils Have in Common?


Years ago, Gary Dennison found out through a post on an insect forum that we were building an insect exhibit at the Creation Museum. Gary happened to collect butterflies, but more than that, he had developed a skill and art …

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Construction Complete

Front wall

Recently we have mentioned the wall that was being built in front of the Creation Museum. We needed the weather to cooperate, and we endured the general mess associated with a construction site. Now we are pleased to announce the …

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Sun Spotting

Sun Spots

Would you like an opportunity to gaze at the sun? No, don’t look at it right now—staring at the sun without proper protection can cause damage to your eyes!  However, if you look through a specially-filtered telescope you can “spot” …

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This Friday Is Special

Donkey cart ride

This Friday, June 20, is a bonus day for those who plan to visit the Creation Museum. First, we are open extended hours, from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Second, our beautiful botanical gardens will be the happening place, complete …

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See the Bible Come to Life at the Creation Museum

Where did Cain get his wife?

Did you know that the Creation Museum has a biblical walk through history, from Creation to the Cross and ending with the Consummation? While walking through Creation, you can experience the verdant Garden of Eden and observe the creation …

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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Steve Carter at Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

The number 171 is an incredible number!  Now you may ask what is so incredible about this number.  Well, this is the average number of volunteers per month that give of their time and talents here at Answers in Genesis …

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Ready for Severe Weather


The Creation Museum has earned the “StormReady Supporter” designation from NOAA’s National Weather Service for completing the severe weather preparedness program.

The museum’s safety team met a rigorous set of criteria covering warning communications and emergency planning to earn StormReady …

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