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Wild Animal Encounter Returns Next Week!

Save the date for Buddy Davis and Dan Breeding’s special presentation, Wild Animal Encounter: A Musical Extravaganza at the Creation Museum! Last August, Dan and Buddy gave their inaugural presentation in Legacy Hall, to the delight of museum guests.…

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Piggybacking Pollywogs!

Our newest animals on display in the main hall of the Creation Museum, three strawberry poison dart frogs, Oophaga pumilio, treated some staff and guests recently to a fascinating spectacle. Momma frog was carrying a tadpole on her back! …

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More than Snakes


Many Saturdays when you visit the Creation Museum you can have an opportunity to experience our exciting Snakes Alive program hosted by herpetologist Rick Teepen. If you’ve seen a snake but never leaned in for a closer look this time …

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Chameleon lays eggs


One of the chameleons in the museum exhibit drew a small crowd of employees this evening as she dug a hole, into which she deposited nine eggs. After five months of development, babies will emerge from the tiny eggs. The …

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