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Sun Spotting

Would you like an opportunity to gaze at the sun? No, don’t look at it right now—staring at the sun without proper protection can cause damage to your eyes!  However, if you look through a specially-filtered telescope you can “spot” …

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The Heavens Declare

Several days this month you can join astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner for a guided tour of the Creation Museum’s astronomy exhibits. You’ll learn about our historic planetarium projector—which was used to train NASA’s Mercury astronauts—and how it differs from the …

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Join Us on an Upcoming Stargazer’s Night

Friday, June 6, you can join the Creation Museum team (including our stellar astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner) for an evening of astronomy, fellowship, and worship on a journey through the universe. These exciting programs begin in the planetarium with …

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New Planetarium Program Showcases Comets

Fires in the Sky debuts today at the Creation Museum!

We are excited to announce a new program in our Stargazers Planetarium. Fires in the Sky: The Sun Grazing Comets comes just a few months before the sun grazing Comet  …

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