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After Eight Summers

After a great summer of fabulous attendance numbers, our guest services department had their annual picnic in the gardens. It was a great time of fellowship and a chance to tell our seasonal staff one last good-bye until Christmas or …

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Visit Our Own “Garden of Eden”

The Garden of Eden mentioned in Genesis must have been a beautiful place—of course, that was before sin changed everything (see Genesis 3). And, of course, the Flood of Noah’s day totally destroyed the pre-Flood world, including the Garden of …

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Swinging through the Gardens

Yesterday the suspension bridge in the Creation Museum’s Botanical Gardens reopened.

The bridge had been closed for several months while an extensive repair and rebuild was completed.  Thousands of guests had walked over the bridge and we wanted to make …

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Spring is Coming

Some signs of spring are visible on the grounds of the Creation Museum.  The snow has melted away and we are now seeing rain showers falling.  Some of the many thousands of flowers that will bloom over the coming months …

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A Snowy Comparison

Rather than just put up pictures of today’s snowstorm we thought you’d might enjoy a comparison.  With each snowy picture you’ll find pictures of that same area from another season.

Enter the gardens over the bridge:

The Carnivorous Bog Garden …

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A New Dinosaur

Buddy Davis has constructed several special dinosaurs for the Creation Museum’s Botanical Gardens. A sauropod and a stegosaurus have already been strung with lights. You may have seen them if you walked our lighted trails last Christmas.

Buddy has created …

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Fog, Fog, Everywhere

This morning the grounds of the Creation Museum were blanketed by a thick layer of fog.

Saltasaurus in the mist!

Familiar structures like the gazebo were barely visible.

The boardwalk seems to vanish into the mist.

The giraffe still stands

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The Koi are Coming

If you have visited the Creation Museum recently and walked the grounds you have probably seen signs of construction in the Botanical Gardens. It isn’t related to the Petting Zoo (which opened up at the start of last summer), or …

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Have you explored the Gardens?

Have you explored the Botanical Gardens? The Creation Museum not only has 70,000 square feet of exhibit space inside but extensive Botanical gardens around the lake.

Enjoy strolling through the carnivorous bog garden.

Bog Gardens

You can also explore five …

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Beautiful and Busy Day

It was a beautiful day at the Creation Museum yesterday. The gardens are full of luxuriant growth at this time of year along with many blooming flowers.

Cattails by the Lake

Bog area of Gardens

We’ve also been seeing good …

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