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Digging Up Dinosaurs

Speaker Series_Buddy

There is still time to sign up to hunt for dinosaur bones with Buddy Davis!  Although the July dig is full, we have several spots available for our September 2010 dig in Glendive, Montana.

Dig Details:

Date—September 13-17, 2010


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A New Dinosaur


Buddy Davis has constructed several special dinosaurs for the Creation Museum’s Botanical Gardens. A sauropod and a stegosaurus have already been strung with lights. You may have seen them if you walked our lighted trails last Christmas.

Buddy has created …

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The Ultimate Field Trip!

Montana Dino DIg 034

Dinosaur bones + Montana + Buddy Davis = the ultimate field trip!

Have you ever wished you could hunt for dinosaur bones in the western United States? Can you imagine digging for fossils alongside fellow creationists, while learning in the …

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Is Genesis Relevant in Today's World?


This high-powered, multi-sensory presentation will restore your confidence in the inerrant, authoritative Word of God once and for all. Chris will equip you with biblical and scientific knowledge that will strengthen your faith and prepare you to defend your beliefs …

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Creation Musical Adventure

Join us for this fun sing-along concert for all ages. Children and adults alike will enjoy Buddy’s humor and catchy tunes!

Presented at 3:00 on every weekday but Thursday this week (August 10-14), this presentation is part of the Museum’s …

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A Musical Day

Yesterday was a musical day at the Creation Museum. Not only did acclaimed pianist John Elliott perform another piano concert, but the Museum’s own Buddy Davis performed his popular Creation Musical Adventure to a packed crowd in the Museum’s Special …

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The Rain is still Coming


The Creation Museum’s live drama Let the Rain Come will be back for two performances on August 6 and 13. Your entire family will enjoy the thrills of this fun family sing-a-long musical which premiered last summer during our anniversary …

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Partnership with Cedarville University


When you visit the Creation Museum you will discover a number of teaching workshops available each week. Recognizing the important teaching aspects of these workshops Cedarville University is partnering with the Creation Museum. Currently the workshops include Discover the Truth …

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Frog Legs and Bison Chili


by Stephanie McDorman

As soon as I heard frog legs and bison chili were on the menu, I knew the Sportsmen’s Dinner would be an interesting night. We’ve never had an event quite like this at the Creation Museum before! …

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Calling all Sportsmen


There is still time to get tickets for our Sportsmen’s Dinner on June 5! You’ll enjoy this special program when you join us in our outdoor dining pavilion at 6:30 for a hearty meal including Fried Catfish, Bass, Frog Legs, …

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