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Buddy Davis’ Dino Den

Before Buddy’s life-size dinosaurs moved into the Creation Museum, they were very popular exhibits at shopping malls around the country. Could you imagine going to a mall and seeing a lineup of dinosaurs of various sizes? What would be missing …

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Taming Dinosaurs?

You don’t have to look long or hard for one of the Creation Museum’s most famous exhibits when you enter the Main Hall. That exhibit, of course, is the depiction of children playing next to young T. rex dinosaurs.


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Buddy Meets Ken

On September 11, 1994, Buddy Davis met Ken Ham at one of the first Answers in Genesis conferences, held in Mt. Vernon, Ohio (Buddy’s hometown). Buddy had been sculpting dinosaurs for a number of years and traveling all over the …

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Dinosaurs at the Creation Museum

With over two dozen dinosaur models at the Creation Museum, there are many photo opportunities for our guests! Probably the most popular for families and groups is the Saltasaurus that is located in the Grand Plaza out front.

The next …

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Answers for Kids

Answers are important. If children aren’t given answers to their questions about Scripture and the history it reveals, they cannot defend their faith against a fallen world. We have fun and interactive workshops at the Creation Museum that are designed …

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Family Dinosaur Tour

Have you ever wanted a guided tour of the Creation Museum’s dinosaurs? You can join Buddy Davis on a tour of the Creation Museum as he shares his knowledge of dinosaurs! Of course, there’s a lot that we don’t know …

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World-Class Dinosaur Donated to the Creation Museum

[Editor’s note: This is a slightly adapted version of a news release that is being circulated to the U.S. media today.]

Creation Museum to Use Impressive Allosaur to Proclaim Genesis, not Evolution

PETERSBURG, Ky., Oct. 18, 2013 — The …

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