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Three Ways to Make an Apeman

Did you know that there are only three ways to make an apeman? Far from being ancestors of human-kind, ape-men must be constructed in one of three ways:

(1) Take a human skull and declare it to be ape-like; (2) …

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Body of Evidence

In September we will be offering a new workshop as part of the Discover the Truth series with Dr. David Menton: Body of Evidence.

Each program will be a unique experience as you join Dr. Menton for an exploration …

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Have you ever wondered what can be found in a drop of water? In the exciting Microscarium presentation (part of the Discover the Truth workshop series sponsored by Cedarville University) you can enter the world of the microscopic with …

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Partnership with Cedarville University

When you visit the Creation Museum you will discover a number of teaching workshops available each week. Recognizing the important teaching aspects of these workshops Cedarville University is partnering with the Creation Museum. Currently the workshops include Discover the Truth …

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Happy Independence Day!

In honor of the Fourth of July we are extending free general admission to all veterans who visit the Creation Museum on Saturday. We thank you for your service!

We will also be offering several sessions of our ever popular …

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Evolution, Not a Chance

Yesterday was the first session of a new workshop in our Discover the Truth series, led by Dr. David Menton. Evolution, Not a Chance!

Evolution is bad science, but makes good magic!

Dr. Menton used different “magical illusions” to …

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