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Should Christians Explore Space?

A recent news item reported on research about how a person’s religious beliefs might influence attitudes toward space exploration. University of Dayton political science professor Joshua Ambrosius recently presented “Separation of Church and Space: Religious Influences on Support for Space …

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No Blood Moon

I had hoped that the eclipsed moon would be red. Deep red. A Cheerwine red (a brand of soda). Alas, it wasn’t to be. But I was in a celebratory mood, so I broke out some Cheerwine to share with …

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Black Holes: Not Seeing Is Not Believing

I understand that many years ago Superman comic books ran a story in which Superman flew faster than the speed of light. A reader wrote to the Dear Editor Column complaining that according to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, faster …

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MAVEN, Rosh Hashanah, and October’s Lunar Eclipse


MAVEN (Mars Atmospheric Volatile EvolutioN) craft has been in the news lately. Launched nearly a year ago, MAVEN arrived at Mars on September 21, whereupon a rocket burn placed MAVEN in orbit around the planet. Unlike many other missions …

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The New Astronomy Book Is Here!

The New Astronomy BookWonders of Creation, published by Master Books, is a series of beautifully illustrated books on various aspects of the world from a creation perspective, including such titles as The Geology Book, The Cave Book, and The Weather

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The Recent Creation Research Society Meeting at the Creation Museum

On August 8–9, we had the fourth meeting of the Creation Research Society here at the Creation Museum. This was our best meeting by far. We had 120 people in attendance, and we had 42 presentations. Our previous three …

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Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and ET, Oh My!

By now, I’m sure that many of you have heard about the hullabaloo surrounding Ken Ham’s comments last week about NASA’s search for extraterrestrial life. Now Neil deGrasse Tyson has weighed in with his assessment of what Ken supposedly said; …

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The Meteor Storm That Wasn’t and the Evidence for Inflation That Wasn’t

The Camelopardalids

In my last blog post I mentioned that there might be a brief meteor storm early in the morning of Saturday, May 24. It was a cool, clear night here, so I awoke at 2:00 AM and went …

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The Recent Lunar Eclipse, a Possible Meteor Shower, and Other Odds and Ends

April’s Lunar Eclipse

I haven’t blogged since the beginning of April, so I have some catching up to do on a few things. My last post was about the April 15 total lunar eclipse and I announced that we would …

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The Total Lunar Eclipse of April 14-15

As I mentioned in my New Year’s blog post about astronomical events in 2014, a total eclipse of the moon will be visible from the U.S. on the night of April 14–15. The following table lists the various portions of …

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