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Astronomy from the Bottom of Grand Canyon II


I spent last week on a seven-day Grand Canyon raft trip. This was a joint venture between Answers in Genesis and Canyon Ministries. I’ve done the seven-day trip once before and the four-day trip three times. (I blogged about …

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Society Meetings and a Mixed Review of Cosmos

Danny Faulkner with poster paper at American Astronomical Society meetings

I spent the first week of June in Boston attending the 224th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). For a number of years I’ve worked with another creation astronomer, Ron Samec, on eclipsing binary star research. Ron involves …

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My Recent Trip to Florida


For fifteen years I’ve served on the board of directors of Creation Education Resources (CER), a creation ministry located near Jacksonville, Florida. Rich and Ginger Overman run CER, and CER does several things, such as creation seminars and trips. They …

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