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Comet ISON Was Here! (Finis)

Comet ISON grave cartoon

Wow, that didn’t last long! I had hoped to continue with a number of installments about Comet ISON after its close pass by the sun November 28. As you probably have heard, Comet ISON didn’t survive. Actually, a small fragment …

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Comet ISON and Some Recent Writings

Comet ISON photographThis photo of Comet ISON was taken on Sunday morning, November 3. It’s a two-minute exposure made with an eighteen-inch telescope. The comet still is too faint to see with the naked eye, but it is brightening rapidly. We expect …

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Comet ISON and My Recent Travels

People are increasingly asking about Comet ISON. You may already know that Comet ISON was discovered a little more than a year ago. It’s a sun-grazer, meaning that it will pass very close to the sun. Sun-grazer comets can …

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