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Is Your Grandmother a Fish?

According to a soon-to-be published book for young children, a fish and many other animals are your “grandmothers.” The subtitle for the book is “a child’s first book of Evolution.” While the author and illustrator do a good job of …

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“What a Parent of a Child with Disabilities Can Really Handle”

This was the title of a blog post by my good friend and colleague at Answers in Genesis, Stacia. I’ve shared her insightful blog posts several times in the past on my blog. Stacia’s son Kieran has Williams Syndrome. …

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Can Kids Be Good Without God?

A new website devoted to kids and sponsored by the American Humanist Association (AHA) says “Yes” to this blog post’s title. The homepage of the site states,

Welcome to Kids Without God, a site for the millions of young people

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Grandpa’s Godly Legacy

I mentioned in Tuesday’s blog that my dad was sorting through some old things that had belonged to his parents. During the sorting, he came across a letter that his father had sent to him while he served in the …

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Do Your Kids Know the ABCs? (And I Don’t Mean the Letters)

A few weeks ago, I received this testimony about AiG resources from Kathy, a senior pastor’s wife in Nevada.

I really want to encourage you, Dr. Purdom, and the work you are doing with Answers in Genesis. We, at Calvary

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One of Zoe’s Last Wishes

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet 10-year-old Zoe and her family at the Creation Museum. A couple years ago, Zoe was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given less than a year to live. After several types …

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The Golden Rule According to Whom?

At the end of the last school year, my daughter’s public school took part in an anti-bullying campaign.The cover of the short workbook they completed in class intrigued me. Here is a picture of it.

When I read it, I …

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Disabled Children—Not a Statistic!

My friend Stacia wrote a blog the other day titled “Not Just A Statistic” that I wanted to share with my blog readers. She has a tremendous ability of sharing her thoughts in writing and really making me think! I’ve …

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The Weaker Parts

My friend Stacia has a son with multiple disabilities, and she shared at our recent Answers for Women conference about understanding her son in relation to the sovereignty and goodness of God. She recently wrote a blog post about her …

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Answers in Genesis and Libby’s Journey to Atheism

As I was perusing an atheist blog site the other day, I came upon a post by a young woman named Libby explaining how she became an atheist. The first paragraph of her “testimony” caught my eye.  She writes,


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