It’s Still Winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

This week, the board and some of the leadership staff of AiG are meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We are meeting at a Christian Camp run by our AiG board chairman, Pastor Don Landis. Rocky Mountain Lodge is one of the most unique Christian Camping sites in the USA—my personal favorite! Pastor Don also runs a Bible College (I’ll tell you more about that this week)–yes an ardently six-day young earth Bible College—a place where the students have experiences they can’t get anywhere else (creationist excursions to Yellowstone, Mt. St. Helens etc. etc., as well as solid creationist Bible/Christian worldview teaching).

It’s the end of May and last night was COLD! It snowed in the mountains. What a beautiful site this morning.

I have attached four photographs for you:

1. A photo of the entrance to Rocky Mountain Lodge
2. A photo of the building where we are conducting our meetings
3 & 4. Photos taken while standing at the front of the building where we
are holding our meetings—this is the view we see! What a place for a Bible
College and Christian Camp!