Evolutionists worried about Creation Museum

The lead story in the Kentucky Post newspaper yesterday stated (I bolded a couple of sections for your interest):

It disturbs Frank Traina that less than half of Americans “acknowledge the truth of evolutionary theory,” as he puts it.
“That’s like saying that half of Americans believe the Earth is flat,” he said. “We know more about evolution than we do about gravity.”
That’s why Traina’s hosting a series of “Evolution Saturdays” at Sunrock Farm in Wilder, which he owns, starting Saturday.
The Society for Evolution Education, a new nonprofit that Traina’s a member of, is sponsoring the seven-week series.
It’s not a coincidence that the group has scheduled the series just a few weeks before one of the nation’s leading evolution detractors, the Boone County-based Answers in Genesis, plans to open a $27 million creationism museum near Petersburg on May 28.
…”I’m a churchgoing Catholic myself.” But he does have a problem with the general public not accepting the teachings of evolution, he said.
The evidence for it is simply overwhelming, he said. If that’s the case, Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham said, then why the need for more education about evolution? Museums, schools and universities across the countries teach evolution as fact, Ham said, so why the concern about this one museum? “If what we are saying is so obviously not true, then why are they worried about it?” he asked.
Traina plans to talk about evolution and how it affects farming during the two-hour tours he’ll offer each of the next seven Saturdays.

You can read the entire story at their website.

Recently anti-creationist Dr. Eugenie Scott visited AiG and she was quoted as saying the Creation Museum was “worrisome.” She is worried because it is so well done she thinks people might believe what is being taught! There was also a report in the newspaper recently that some people intend on protesting the opening of the Museum. Isn’t it interesting that Museums across the nation (that are far larger than the Creation Museum), and public schools across the nation, and secular colleges across the nation present the best evidence they have for evolution as fact, and yet the secularists are worried about one Creation Museum! That’s because evolution is a belief not supported by observational science. I find that for many people, once they are taught how to think about science and origins correctly, they see clearly that Darwinian evolution/millions of years have not been proved—and they also see clearly that the Bible’s history is confirmed by operational science—it’s the Bible’s history that makes sense of the world and what life is all about.


I am in Atlanta at the present time as a keynote speaker for the Home Educators Conference. It is thrilling to see how the AiG ministry has influenced the lives of so many families. Just about everyone who talked to me also said they are coming to the Creation Museum this summer. The response to the Answers magazine and resources has been phenomenal! I give two more talks today.


This was the headline of an interesting article that began:

Evolution has long generated bitter fights between the left and the right about whether God or science better explains the origins of life. But now a dispute has cropped up within conservative circles, not over science, but over political ideology: Does Darwinian theory undermine conservative notions of religion and morality or does it actually support conservative philosophy?

It’s an interesting article to read, keeping in mind that if people believe naturalism explains life, then morality etc. is totally subjective.

Read the entire article.

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