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Taking the Creation Museum to a Hospital Patient

Early this May, Heidi Buck sent Answers in Genesis an email to both thank the ministry for its impact on their family and to send us a very special request. Joshua, her son, had sustained burns at age five and …

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AiG Produces Security Book for Faith-Based Organizations

Today is Sunday. Millions all across America (and the around the world) are worshiping in churches. But this is not the same world generations of the past lived in. This is a world in which we see increasing violence, terrorism—all …

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HSLDA Attorney Visits AiG

When Mally and I homeschooled, we made sure we were members of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)—and of course we see it vital that our own married children who are homeschooling also are members of HSLDA. Their website …

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Gallup Poll on Republicans, Democrats, and Creation

Gallup, the US polling organization, has released this information about a new survey it conducted:

Republicans much more likely than Democrats to believe humans created as-is 10,000 years ago. . . . There is a significant political divide in beliefs

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Careful Where You Buy Dinosaur Books

AiG has a whole range of books and DVDs dealing with dinosaurs. As I have often stated, dinosaurs are used by evolutionists more than many things to convince young children (and adults) of evolution and millions of years. That is …

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Make Your Summer Vacation Really Count—in Branson

How about joining 1,800 of our ministry friends (about 450 families) next month as they all head to Branson, Missouri, for AiG’s Defending Your Faith in a Secular America national conference?

All of us will enjoy four days (July 15-18) …

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Is There More Than One Way to Heaven?

In Part II of the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey on, we read:

Part II of the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey explores Americans’ religious beliefs and practices as well as their social and political views. The survey finds that most

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Philadelphia Going All out for Darwin, New York Times Reports

Today’s (Monday) New York Times is reporting on a number of secular academic institutions that will be going all out for Darwin in 2009. This is just one such event in what we expect to be a major thrust by …

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They Keep Coming

They are coming from all over the world to visit the Creation Museum. This past week, a couple drove their car all the way from the Yucatan Peninsula (through Mexico) up to the Creation Museum! They had heard about …

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Telephone Debate

Now that the Creation Museum has given Answers in Genesis a much higher public profile, the attacks on this Bible-centered ministry have—not surprisingly—been on the increase. They take on a variety of forms, but one of the most unusual came …

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