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Rejoicing in Heaven—That Is What It Is All About

In Luke 15:10 we read, “… I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” This week, I was so blessed to hear a report that has resulted in angels …

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Another Large Family Visits the Creation Museum

Some of you may remember the well-known Dugger family who visited the Creation Museum recently. They had 17 children (now 18) and are featured in a TV program seen on The Learning Channel. One of their programs was filmed as …

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The Hope Kids

We first met the Hard family this past July at the AiG family conference in Branson, Missouri. They shared with us how they used AiG materials to teach inner-city children that have no hope in Memphis, Tennessee. They affectionately called …

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Naive “Creationist”

What I would describe as a very naively written guest column appeared in yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer (our local newspaper). I believe it deserves some comment and can serve as a teaching tool for those of you reading this blog.

The …

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What Does It Mean to Believe in God?

The results of the Harris Poll released recently in the U.S. should remind us again that just because people say they believe in God (or make statements like, “God Bless America”), does not mean they believe the Bible to be …

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The Only Way to See the Grand Canyon

Our family has been thrilled to have my youngest brother Stephen (almost 20 years younger than me), his wife Trish, and children Sarah and David over from Down Under for Christmas. We have not often had family from Australia for …

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The Hands That Created the World Made the Hands That Were Now Holding Him

These are the words from one of my favorite songs written and sung by AiG singer and dinosaur sculptor, Buddy Davis. And it is those hands Buddy sings about that I wanted to bring to your attention today.

On this …

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Christmas Week and Religious Faith

As we lead up to Christmas Day (tomorrow), I thought it would be good to share an article from the Daily Mail newspaper Online (United Kingdom), which they titled: “For Christmas week, we asked some eminent scientists if it’s possible …

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Creation Museum Free Tomorrow

Tomorrow, as Christmas Eve, is a holiday for AiG staff; however, we decided to keep the Creation Museum open from 10 am to 3 pm and make it FREE for the community. This special gift to our tristate area is …

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Universal Ancestors—Go Back Only 5,000 Years

A fascinating article from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper—reporting on genetics research in regard to how related all human beings are—states:

To get to the universal ancestors (when everyone was the forefather of everybody alive today, or of nobody) we need

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