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Spotless Sinless Lamb of God


We have never apologized for the fact that the Answers in Genesis ministry and the Creation Museum are ultimately “on about” biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ. People have often commented that they see God’s Word upheld …

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Walk Through the Creation Museum—at Home!

Of course, it is never the same as actually being at a place, but in the very near future, AiG’s video team, under the direction of Ben Wilt, will have produced a “walk through the Creation Museum” that will …

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My First Secular Newspaper Editorial Cartoon?


In what we believe is a first, a Louisville newspaper included an editorial cartoon about the Creation Museum—but with a caricature of me. Of course the cartoon falsely accuses the Creation Museum of rejecting scientific reason (tell that to our …

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Bizarre Behavior from Brisbane, Australia


Now , I’ve seen all sorts of ways that the world attacks the Answers in Genesis ministry—but I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre. A composer (Robert A. Davidson) from my home city of Brisbane, Australia, wrote …

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The Hypocrisy Police on Full Alert—But Should Stand Down


I don’t know if I should feel honored–or just a bit perturbed.

Many humanist websites have been recently accusing me of being a “hypocrite.”  A few days ago I wrote a blog item about what I called a “media ambush” …

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Moody Theology Professor Promotes Long Ages and “Bashes” The Creation Museum


In yesterday’s blog, I informed you about an associate professor of theology at Moody Bible Institute (Bryan Litfin) who made a snide comment (in fact, a feedback email from one of our supporters called it “bashing”) about the Creation

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I Had a Dream

One of our supporters sent us this email about a dream he had:

I had a dream last night that I was in the Creation Museum. I thought to myself, “If I am in the Creation Museum, then I can

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They Traveled a Total of 163,602 Miles


Today we are happy to welcome 12 international guests that are here for Answers in Genesis’s International Training Seminar. They will spend the week being trained by AiG staff and equipped to present the creation/gospel messages in their respective countries.…

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The Tiniest Aussie Resident at the Creation Museum


Last week one of the AiG staff members who works at our petting zoo (Josh) introduced me to the newest and tiniest resident at the zoo—another Aussie import—a second wallaby. Here is a photo taken of our new Petting Zoo …

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A “Kind” Article

Last week, the Associated Press news service circulated an article about our new Creation Museum exhibit on natural selection and Charles Darwin—and this piece was written in a fair way. At last count, more than 200 websites and newspapers had …

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