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Christmas at the Creation Museum

Here is the basic text of a news release we sent out this past week to the media—that has something of a little “radical” twist:

With a Live Nativity, Dramatic Actors, Holiday Musicals and a First-Century Bethlehem Village

Once again

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The Miracle Baby!

Terry was an agnostic (but really more like an atheist), living in my homeland of Australia.  His marriage was falling apart.  He was a friend of my brother Stephen.  Stephen used a “creation evangelism” approach to construct a course to …

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Compromising Christian Professor Receives Accolades from Secular World

Davis A. Young is Professor of Geology Emeritus at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Young taught for many years at Calvin College (a well-known “Christian” college—but sadly one that undermines the authority of Scripture to generations of students as …

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Letter Wars

The Sunday article that appeared in our local newspaper (the Cincinnati Enquirer)—in which an atheist was quoted as saying that our Creation Museum promotes “child abuse” and even “terrorism” (see my previous blog post on this)—led to many letters …

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New DVD on Genetics

First of all, to all Americans reading this—HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I trust you all have a blessed time with family and friends.

Our own Dr. Georgia Purdom briefly spoke to our staff recently, and she showed us a clip from her …

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Famed Musician at Museum

Over the weekend our Creation Museum guests were treated to a wonderful concert by Benny Prasad from Bangalore, India. I met Benny a few months ago when I spoke at a conference in New Jersey for pastors (and other Christian …

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A Judge’s Judgment

Here is an email from our friend in Louisiana, the retired judge Darrell White. Judge White is a Creation Museum “lifetime member” and is founder and president of the Retired Judges of America. He helped Dr. Terry Mortenson and …

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Speaking at the Cincinnati Bengals’ Bible Study

One of the more unusual speaking engagements I’ve had recently was the opportunity this past week to speak to the weekly Bible study of the Cincinnati Bengals professional football team. Our AiG headquarters and Creation Museum are less than 20 …

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Does a Group Called “Free Inquiry” Really Want “Free Inquiry”?

Allegations of “child abuse” and “terrorism” against AiG

In a report that is appearing today in our local Enquirer newspapers (Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky editions),  an article reported on a meeting at Norwood Public Library in Ohio by a group …

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A Dinosaur Book a Creationist Can Love

Here is the press release sent out this week about our new Dinosaurs for Kids book:

New ‘Dinosaurs for Kids’ from Ken Ham Wows Kids and Parents Alike

PETERSBURG, Ky., Nov. 18, 2009 – While there is no lack of

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