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Guess What Was Left Out?

Guess what’s missing from Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer’s (our main Cincinnati newspaper) long articles about local Christmas/holiday activities?

This long piece–plus other Christmas-related articles—appeared in the paper yesterday (Sunday). No mention of the Creation Museum and its Bethlehem’s Blessings

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It Comes Through Clearly


Well over 7000 people (including about 2200 last night on an evening when it snowed—part of the storm system that hit the East) have now visited the Live Nativity program (called Bethlehem’s Blessings) during the first four of the nine …

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New Animatronic Noah at the Creation Museum


As part of the children’s interactive museum experience that we call the “knee-high museum” inside our Creation Museum, our new animatronic Noah has been installed. There is much more to be done in building a set around Noah, but …

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Over 1,000 Visitors—Through One Ministry Outreach

creation museum4

We’ve lost track of how many dozen times Tony Hillen–a Creation Museum charter member—has visited the museum. It’s not as is if he lives around the corner–Columbus, Indiana, is about a one-hour-forty-five-minute drive away. Even more impressively, he and his …

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Spectacular “BB” Christmas Program—Don’t Miss It

Chr lites pano 1

In yesterday’s blog post, I shared some photographs from AiG’s Bethlehem’s Blessings (live nativity program) at the Creation Museum. The third and fourth live nativity programs are this Friday and Saturday evenings (beginning at 6:00 p.m.). It is …

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Atheist Ads and Evangelical Christians


In some ways a very amusing, but at the same time very sad, item out of England appeared on websites yesterday. Well-known atheist/anti-Christian Richard Dawkins (author of the blasphemous God Delusion book) has an ad campaign to promote indoctrinating children …

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Premiere of a New Creationist Film

WrightCameronVisits 001

Over the weekend, we were honored to introduce the new film The Mysterious Islands at its Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky premiere. While I was out of town, Mark Looy, our CCO, spoke to about 1,500 people who turned out to see this …

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A President From D.C. Visits AiG!

DrWrightNRB_Finished 002

When we started Answers in Genesis over 15 years ago, one of the first things we did to get the creation/gospel message to people across America (besides going on the road and speaking in as many churches as possible) was …

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A Very Special Visitor


Last week, we had a visitor to the Creation Museum who came all the way from Australia to also attend a Christian conference in our area (where I spoke Thursday evening)—many from this conference visited the Creation Museum last …

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Don’t Miss an Experience of a Lifetime

We will host three Grand Canyon rafting tours in 2010, but already two have sold out many weeks ago. We still have some slots available, though, for the April 23-May 1 trip. This one is unique, as it is …

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