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AiG Mentioned in U.S. Senate Debate

In a debate last week featuring four candidates for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate to represent Kentucky in Washington DC, the Answers in Genesis name came up! The four candidates, who will be voted on May 18th, were …

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Answers in Genesis’s October Tour of Israel Becoming Popular

Last year, AiG hosted its first trip to Israel, and over 60 people joined Carl Kerby and Mark Looy for a wonderful time of learning and fellowship. Many, many sites they visited are mentioned in the Bible.

With Carl and …

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Media Covers Creation Museum’s One-millionth Visitor

Mr. Joe Brown had never visited the Creation Museum (although his wife Malinda and son Joey had), so he didn’t know what to expect when he walked through the museum doors yesterday—especially when I went up to greet him and …

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1 Millionth Visitor Today!

Probably by the time you have read this blog, the millionth visitor to the Creation Museum will have walked through the door!  I hope to have photographs and information for you tomorrow.  We certainly praise the Lord that the Creation …

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2,500 at Homeschool Conference

During the last two days, I gave seven presentations at a Home Educator’s Conference (run by “Christian Heritage”) in Seattle. I have included some photographs taken during this well-attended event.

A young girl engrossed in our Dinosaurs for Kids book:…

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One-millionth Visitor Monday!

The third anniversary of the Creation Museum is still over a month away, but we anticipate welcoming our millionth visitor on Monday. AiG staff have planned a celebration and large gift package for the special guest, and has scheduled a …

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The Rest of the Story—Exposing Misquotes by an Atheist Professor 

Recently on the highly trafficked website of The Huffington Post, Dr. Michael Zimmerman (biology professor at Butler University in Indiana), described as founder of the Clergy Letter Project, wrote a commentary for the site’s religion section entitled “The Danger

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Earth Day

Environmentalists around the world today are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22), where people of all cultures and religious beliefs join the cause of caring for the earth.

Now while Christians agree they are called to be …

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Buddy Davis—a “Star” in Canada

Right before the final keynote address I was to give at the Home Educators Conference in Alberta, Canada, this past Saturday, the young people who had been involved in the children’s program came into the auditorium to sing to their …

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