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Great Encouragement

For all the negative things being said in the secular media about AiG, the Creation Museum, and the proposed Ark Encounter, it is good to be reminded of the majority of the kinds of positive responses AiG receives—like …

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Rebutting Misrepresentations

Money in State Budget Will Not Be Used to Build the Ark Encounter (AiG’s Prepared Statement)

Critics of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum continue to misrepresent the nature of the funding for a full-size Noah’s Ark and associated …

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Refreshing Article on the Ark Encounter

It is refreshing, amidst the onslaught of secularist propaganda articles full of falsehoods and personal attacks, to read an accurate article about the proposed Ark Encounter. This news article comes from the very popular WorldNetDaily news source. (It should …

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Home School Conventions Beckon

It seems that more and more home school groups are tying into Answers in Genesis for help in science-related areas (and biblical history). Not only have we expanded our curricula resources to meet the growing needs of families in what …

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Special Holiday Workshop

The Creation Museum is offering a special holiday workshop three days this month. Our museum staff has told me that the workshop will “review the account of the first Christmas in an ‘oh-so-different’ way! Experience a fun, engaging, educational, action-packed …

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Vision for Bulgaria

Recently, AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson visited Bulgaria. Terry sent me this report about the ongoing effects of his recent ministry there, and he also shares about the vision for creation ministry (and the needs) in Bulgaria. Terry sent me …

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How Does Kentucky Line Up with the Rest of the States?

Yesterday on my blog, I commented on Jay Leno’s mocking of the Ark Encounter project on his Tonight Show (twice last week), but at the same time, he mocked the state of Kentucky—even implying Kentucky was a backward state educationally. …

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Jay Leno Mocks Kentucky and Ark Project Recently

Now I realize that comedian/TV host Jay Leno (from The Tonight Show) probably has all his “comedy” lines written for him. Also, he probably doesn’t talk through the logic of his monologue with his writers, but two times last …

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Media, Media, and More Media

I missed all the media excitement the past two weeks (as I’ve been in Australia) after Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky announced on December 1 that the Ark Encounter LLC and Answers in Genesis will be partnering to build a …

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Home Again

Well, we are back in the USA after nearly three weeks in Australia.  Here are some photos from our trip:

Feeding the Lorikeets at Currumbin Bird Sanctuary

An icon of Australia—the Koala

The “infamous” Tasmanian Devil

Sunrise over the Pacific

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