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Miami University Professors Essentially Admit Evolution Has Connections to Dismal Science and Math Scores

In a slam against the Ark Encounter project, three university professors from Miami University in Ohio wrote a misinformation-filled article with scoffing anti-Christian rhetoric. Actually, it’s quite amazing that such qualified professors would write such non-scholarly ridicule, but then …

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Secularists Respond to My Comments on the Pope and the Big Bang

I thought I would include comments from three secularists who responded to my blog post commenting on the Pope’s acceptance of the Big Bang belief. As you can see, there is the usual mocking, which is not surprising. These were …

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Pray for Illinois Outreach

AiG speaker and researcher Dr. Terry Mortenson sent me this report last night:

I will  be driving to Illinois [Saturday] to speak at a church and Christian school in Tilton, IL (near Danville).  I speak 10 times at the church

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Big Visitors

Over the past few months we’ve had many professional athletes tour the Creation Museum.  That included several players with the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team in October, a group which included a former Cy Young award-winner (for best pitcher in …

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The Pope on the Big Bang

One of the major news items yesterday had the headline: “God was behind Big Bang, universe no accident: Pope.” The Yahoo news item stated the following:

God’s mind was behind complex scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and Christians

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A School “Winterim”

Over the past three and a half years, we have seen a number of Christian schools bus their students to the Creation Museum—some have come from as far as Texas! We are also thrilled to see schools (like Statesville …

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Correcting Blatant Error

Recently, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper published an editorial (written by the newspaper’s editors) against the Ark Encounter project here in northern Kentucky. This editorial had blatant error and was obviously meant to mislead people and misinform in an effort to …

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Pray for Missionaries

I often meet missionaries from all over the world at the Creation Museum. I just praise the Lord as I hear from them and how they are using AiG resources to reach people for Christ.

Recently, I met the …

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“Biblical” Flood in Australia?

A news report on the news website had the headline, “First victim dies in Australia’s ‘biblical’ flood.”

The article then goes on to report on the devastating floods that have occurred recently (and are still occurring) in my homeland. …

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Wise Men Thought-provoking

This year’s special Christmas outreach at the Creation Museum called “Christmas Town” has been a real hit. Over eight evenings, we had well over 20,000 people visit for the Live Nativity, spectacular Garden Lights, Dramas, Village, and Garden Walk. We …

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