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Well-Known Evolutionist States, “Creationist Critics [of Evolution] Are Right”

One has to read this quote in context, of course. It comes from the latest Discover magazine and is reviewed in a blog entry written by AiG speaker and researcher, Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom has a PhD in molecular …

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The Emergent Church—an Evolutionary Hermeneutic?

Many people have been perplexed on why the leaders of what’s called the emergent church movement believe and teach the way they do. The research we have done into the movement shows very clearly it is a result of using …

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Your Tax Dollars at Work—Indoctrination in Millions of Years

Welcome to the Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming. For Americans, here you can experience your tax dollars “at work,” indoctrinating visiting families in millions of years (and evolution). Follow me as we drive into the visitors center.

The sign

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No Wonder Two Thirds of Young People Are Leaving the Church

In 2009, the book (which Britt Beemer from America’s Research Group and I co-authored) Already Gone, was published. This book detailed results of nationwide research into why two thirds of young people will leave the church by the time …

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Instant Evolution

AiG’s researcher/speaker/writer Dr. Georgia Purdom (who has a PhD in molecular genetics) has written an interesting blog item on what is supposed to be “instant evolution.”

She writes:

The headline read, “Instant Evolution in Whiteflies: Just Add Bacteria.”[1] Any time

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On the Fox News Channel Starting Nationwide Today

Today is the debut of a new Creation Museum TV commercial. It will air nationwide in the U.S. on the Fox News Channel. We’ve had a few TV spots air on Fox, but this one is different and somewhat “edgy.” …

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Dream to Work for AiG

We are receiving more and more letters and emails from young people who tell us they want to be creation scientists, speakers, writers, and so on, and they want to work for AiG. Here is a letter we received from …

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Educating Children/Young People

AiG influences thousands upon thousands of children and teens each year through the Creation Museum, websites, resources (books, DVDs, and so on), and conferences. As part of our AiG conferences, we often conduct two 1.5 hour sessions for grades …

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Mysteries with a Powerful Message

A lot of people enjoy watching mysteries on television—Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot, and so on. If you love a good mystery and at the same time love the message of Answers in Genesis, I encourage you to obtain …

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Is Jesus an Evolutionist?

A Nazarene college professor believes He is! Karl Giberson, from Eastern Nazarene College (located on Boston’s south shore), wrote this on a CNN website. The Nazarene school’s website states, “Karl Giberson teaches science and religion, and directs the honors program …

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