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Reaching Secular Educators in a Big Way—NEA Outreach

Those of you who have been following the Answers in Genesis ministry for several years are probably aware that in early July of every year, AiG shows up in a most interesting place—at the annual convention of the National Education …

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“Gold Rush” in Alaska

With my blog post today, I wanted to draw your attention to our Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum and how an estimated 250,000 young people will have attended one of our VBS programs in churches this year.

Matt Graubner is …

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Photo Gallery

Last week, I spoke at a homeschool convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Three sisters approached me and shared how they became Christians as young children and then committed their lives to the Lord. They had read our children’s book A is

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The Memory Man Returns to the Museum

Tom Meyer is a ministry friend who has been living for the past four years as a student and teacher in Jerusalem. He still spends chunks of time in the U.S. (he’s from Chicago originally)—including teaching stints at Shasta Bible …

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The Norwegian Terrorist—a Christian?

I wanted to briefly comment on the horrible terrorist actions of a crazed gunman and bomber in Norway—who killed 76 people late last week. (This Saturday, in our news commentary called News to Note, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell will go …

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The “Rush” Has Been On!

We’re excited about our new Vacation Bible School (VBS) program for 2012, IncrediWorld Amazement Park, because it will teach children the truth about God the Creator and His amazing creation! And the gospel will be presented to them. For …

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Newest Country in the World—South Sudan

Dr. David Crandall, AiG Director of our Answers Worldwide department, has provided this exciting news:

Answers in Genesis watched with interest as the independence ceremony recently took place in Juba, South Sudan. It was the founding of a new

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Full day in Phoenix

It was a busy first day at the Home Educators Convention in Phoenix yesterday.  Over 2000 were in the audience for the first Keynote when I gave a presentation on the importance of believing in a literal Genesis and not …

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Laser Beams and “Ape-men”

Here is the text of a press release sent out from AiG this week after we had a special dedication ceremony for the new “ape-man” exhibit that is now operating at the Creation Museum:

Laser beams seem to jump

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Promo Hall Completed

A new exhibit we call “Promo Hall” has been completed at the Creation Museum. After visitors leave the Palm Plaza area, there are now special exhibits explaining the ministry of AiG and giving the history of the Creation Museum—starting …

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