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Intelligent Design Is Not Enough

No doubt you have heard of the Intelligent Design movement. This is not a Christian movement but is made up of a group of scientists and other academics who are against naturalism and teach that there is some “designer” behind …

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Prominent Symphony Musician Drops By

One of the blessings of living in the Cincinnati metropolitan area is to be able to attend live performances of the famous Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO). It’s concertmaster (the lead violin) is Tim Lees, who is in demand as a …

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Prominent Pastor Endorses Already Compromised

Our book Already Compromised, detailing research America’s Research Group conducted in assessing the state of Christian colleges, has certainly received a lot of attention.

I have done many interviews on Christian radio about this publication. We have also had …

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Now He Is a Movie Star!

Buddy Davis’s name is synonymous with AiG and the Creation Museum. Buddy sculptured most of the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Den exhibit at the Creation Museum.

Buddy is also known as a singer; he has composed the words and …

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Radio Equipper

Our ministry friend David Wheaton has changed careers—from being a world-ranked tennis player to a broadcaster on the topic of the biblical worldview. His ministry is called The Christian Worldview, and its mission is to equip Christians to develop a …

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God Is Using Spanish-language Answers in Genesis Materials in Colombia!

I love to have our supporters share in the blessings of how the Lord is using Answers in Genesis resources to reach people around the world. Read this exciting email received this week.

Ken, I was at the Apologetics Mega

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More New Things at the Creation Museum!

We have additional reasons to bring young people to the Creation Museum this month, especially as schools start. No doubt you want to help children and teens start the academic year on a good footing.

The museum is already family …

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Seminary Professor Demonstrates Her Fallible Research in Attacking God’s Word

I am continually amazed at the poor research skills seen in many academics who rail against the Creation Museum. In the latest of attacks on those who believe in a literal Adam and Eve and a literal Genesis (as …

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Nazarene Churches—What Is Really Happening?

Over the past couple of years, I have brought to people’s attention the rampant compromise with evolution and billions of years that many professors at Nazarene colleges hold to—and teach their students. One of those compromised professors is Dr. Karl …

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No wonder the Church in the UK Is in Trouble

Christianity magazine in the United Kingdom (UK) recently published an article by a Baptist pastor from Cambridge in England. I just groan when I read such articles. Just the first paragraph alone illustrates how compromised and ill informed many such …

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