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Happy All Saints Day

As today is Halloween, I thought I would refer you to this post by AiG board member Tony Biller. He begins the post by stating the following:

Not being big fans of pagan Celtic rituals, witches and goblins, or of

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Another First for AiG

AiG speaker and researcher Dr. Georgia Purdom has a special announcement; she wrote the following:

I am thrilled to announce that next year Answers in Genesis will host the first-ever Answers for Women Conference at the Creation Museum. We have

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Communicating the Cries of My Heart

Every now and then on my blog I like to share samples of the encouraging responses we receive each week at AiG.

Here is one from a teacher at a Christian school in Tennessee who brought students to the school …

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First-ever Creationist College Expo

Do you know a teenager who will graduate high school next year and is trying to decide what to do next? Encourage that young person to join us at the Creation Museum for the first-ever creationist College Expo, November 11–12.…

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Large Canadian Group Visits

I am constantly amazed at the number of Canadian visitors we see touring our Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. At the same time, we shouldn’t be too surprised because the Canadian border is about a five-hour drive away from our …

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It’s Rare—It’s a Creationist Seminary!

What a thrill it was yesterday to speak to students and faculty at Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary in Cordova, Tennessee, as a final part of our visit to the Memphis area.

The seminary building

As the president, Dr. Michael …

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Thousands at AiG Conference in Cordova (Memphis)

It was a very exhausting (but rewarding) two days at Bellevue Baptist Cordova (Memphis) in Tennessee. Yesterday, I spoke to 3,000 young people at the two school assemblies, and we spoke to around another 10,000 total at the other sessions …

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Foundations Series in Russia!

AiG recently produced an extremely professional video series of my major talks. This is the best upgrade of my presentations on videos we have ever completed. This set, titled Foundations, consists of six one-hour presentations divided into 12 30-minute …

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Russian-language TV at the Museum

Interest in the Creation Museum continues to be strong well outside the boundaries of the United States. Recently, a crew of three people representing the Russian-language service of Hope TV spent the day at the museum for a special documentary …

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Old Earth Christian Cannot Ultimately Give Richard Dawkins an Answer

This past Thursday, an article about Richard Dawkins and William Lane Craig appeared in theguardian news in the United Kingdom, entitled: “Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig.”

William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot …

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