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Twisting and Distorting the Scriptures

Normally I would not respond to the kind of diatribe I read on anti-Christian websites like But I thought one recent piece found at that website could act as a good teaching lesson for Christians.

Last week, I spoke …

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Most Exciting Adventure

Recently, AiG board member Dan Wooster took his two sons on a Grand Canyon raft trip down the Colorado River in northern Arizona. AiG works closely with our good friend Tom Vail of Canyon Ministries so that AiG supporters and …

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A “High Five” Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend was the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Creation Museum. We praise the Lord for this milestone. We were thrilled to see record crowds at the museum for this weekend. From Friday through …

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Lucy a Real Hit

We are receiving rave reviews about the new Lucy exhibit at the Creation Museum. Here are some photographs of the exhibit and of people enthralled with what AiG’s talented artists, fabricators, sculptors, and researchers did in producing an exhibit …

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The Photos Tell It All

Homeschool Science Conference at the Creation Museum

This past week was our first ever Homeschool Science conference, held in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum. We had families from as far away as Oregon, Florida, and Kansas. What a great …

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Warning: “Inerrancy” Means We Can’t Trust the Bible

Thanks to AiG researcher Steve Golden for researching this information and coauthoring this blog post with me.

What a mess the church is in!

It’s important from time to time to examine the views of those who try to harmonize …

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All Museum Tickets Now Valid for Two Days!

As of today, all tickets purchased for Creation Museum entrance will be valid for two days! Here is yet another reason to include a visit to the Creation Museum as a part of your summer plans.

The museum has already …

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Legacy Five in Legacy Hall

As many of you know, we’re celebrating the Creation Museum’s fifth anniversary this weekend. One event that I’m looking forward to is the Legacy Five concert in our new auditorium, Legacy Hall, on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m.

Recognized …

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Creation Points to the Cross and Consummation

Many people are pleasantly surprised when they come to the Creation Museum and realize that this facility and its exhibits are not just about creation vs. evolution and age of earth issues, but portray the message of the whole Bible …

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A Pastor’s Response

We have seen many pastors visit Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. I thought you would all be encouraged to know how these influential pastors respond to the AiG ministry and Creation Museum.

Yesterday, we were thrilled to host …

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