An Eleven-year-old Who Gets It!

Kayla is 11 years old. She sent me the wonderful poem below. How we need a whole generation of young people like Kayla! What a refreshing change to see a young girl write about the truth of God’s Word instead of the anti-biblical beliefs permeating this nation from the White House down.

“Seven Days of Creation”
By KH, 11 years old

Oh, what a sight
When God created light.
He called the light day
And the darkness night.
He separated darkness
From light as you know.
God saw that it was good.
And this is not just a show.

What did God do
On day number two?
I’ll give you a hint,
I’ll give you a clue.
Sometimes it’s black
And sometimes it’s blue.
It’s heaven or sky,
Remember the clue?

What would it be like
Without fruit, trees, or plants?
Just try to imagine it.
I bet you can’t.
If God hadn’t created
Land on the third day
You’d always be floating
Or swimming. No way!

Three days have passed
And there still are more.
And right now it is
Day number four.
When God creates
Very wonderful lights.
Like stars, sun, and moon
For thousands of nights.

This is what
The fifth day features:
Sea animals and Flying creatures.
He made all those
Creatures on that day.
And that is all
I have to say.

Now the sixth day
Is very neat.
So how about
We have a seat.
He made animals of land
And formed man by His hand.
Out of dust man came
And soon you will find out his name.

It’s day number seven
And our week is done.
Watching God create
Was really fun.
Now it’s time for
God to rest.
Which day did
You like the best?

Thanks Kayla—may God richly bless you as you stand for Him.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,