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Saving a Shirt During a Heart Attack—A Big Heart for Ministry!

The following is a remarkable email sent to one of our staff members from a former Creation Museum employee. It’s about her wonderful father-in-law (and museum supporter), David. Here is her email about David and his recent heart attack, followed …

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Larger Than Life


We call it:  “Ark Encounter—Larger than Life!”  A life-size Noah’s Ark is on the way!

Thursday, an official ceremony in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum launched the Ark Encounter project.  Here are some photographs of this special day:

  1. Dr.

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Ark Encounter Launch and Meet Dr. Whitcomb!

In 1961, Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb coauthored a book titled The Genesis Flood. This famous work really started the modern biblical creationist movement. The ministry of AiG and the Creation Museum (and now the coming Ark Encounter) …

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Join Us Online Thursday for the Hammer and Peg Ceremony!

Something very exciting is happening Thursday morning, May 1! The Creation Museum is hosting a very special Ark Encounter event that we’re calling the Hammer and Peg Ceremony. At this special private ceremony to celebrate the launching of the Ark …

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Will NBC and New York Times—and Other Media—Retract Their False Reports?

AiG hopes that NBC’s Meet the Press, the New York Times, and other major media (e.g., the Huffington Post) will retract their completely false reports on how our Ark’s construction is being funded and let people know that …

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Biases and the Ark Project

At AiG, including inside our Creation Museum, we constantly share with people that their worldview is a starting point for how they interpret scientific evidence about the unobservable past. In a striking exhibit inside the museum, for example, our first …

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CBN News Gives Fair Coverage of Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter

As many of you already know, CBN TV founder Pat Robertson does not agree with AiG’s approach to the Genesis account of creation. Robertson doesn’t believe in a young earth or that the book of Genesis is fully literal history. …

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