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Exciting Happenings at Ark Property!

These are exciting times at AiG. The life-size Noah’s Ark project is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. This past week, the board of directors met at Answers in Genesis. They were given a detailed update on the Ark Encounter …

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“Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light”

The misinformation about the Ark Encounter project (construction is underway in Northern Kentucky) continues! Now, I know it won’t surprise any of you that MSNBC is spreading even more of it! I thought it would be a good exercise for …

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Kentucky Atheists’ Ark Project Petition

Ark Protest

At the Kentucky State Fair this past Sunday, one booth represented the Association of Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and Free Thinkers. There was a poster at this booth directing people to sign a petition against AiG’s life-size Noah’s Ark project receiving …

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Special Documentary Film about the Ark Encounter

A few of us involved in the Ark Encounter project were recently interviewed by Johan Bos, executive producer of James Hout Productions. Mr. Bos is producing a national television documentary titled Replicating The Ark about the Ark Encounter. His recent …

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Excavation Is Well Under Way at the Ark Encounter Site


Last week huge earth-moving machines were delivered to the Ark Encounter site, and the excavation for the life-size Noah’s Ark project has begun, starting with stump removal on Monday:

Now the big excavators have started moving a million cubic yards …

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How to Ruin What Should Have Been a Great News Report on the Ark Project

Our local area Channel 12 sent a reporter out to the Ark Encounter property this past Friday to do an update on the Ark project. The reporter did a good job, and there are some great shots of the Ark …

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Historic Moment for the Ark Encounter

Ken with scraper

It was an historic moment yesterday, as the first of the many pieces of heavy equipment were being delivered to the Ark Encounter site for the construction to begin in earnest. Here I am standing beside one of the many …

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Constitutional Law Attorney Corrects Misinformation About the Ark Project

Amidst all the misinformation and false accusations coming from portions of the secular media, from the Democratic Speaker of the House in Kentucky, and from atheist bloggers in regard to the Ark Encounter project and its funding, we are thankful …

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Surprise, Surprise

In the past, the Courier Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, has blasted AiG, the Creation Museum, and the future Ark Encounter many times, which comes as no surprise with this leftist, anti-Christian newspaper. The Courier Journal is now terribly upset …

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Saving a Shirt During a Heart Attack—A Big Heart for Ministry!

The following is a remarkable email sent to one of our staff members from a former Creation Museum employee. It’s about her wonderful father-in-law (and museum supporter), David. Here is her email about David and his recent heart attack, followed …

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