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A Visit from Henry Morris’s Daughter and Granddaughter

Returning from my speaking ministry in Florida, I was pleased to discover that the daughter of one of my heroes of the faith was in the museum with her daughter. Rebecca Barber is the daughter of the late Dr. Henry …

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Christian Singer at the Museum

Bart Millard on the big screen at Great American Ballpark after the baseball game on Sunday, with his band in the foreground.

Almost every year for the past several years, the Christian music group MercyMe has been holding large outdoor concerts after Cincinnati Reds baseball games. It occurs on what’s called “Faith Day.” An estimated 15,000 people stayed after the Reds game …

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Most Illogical

It really pays to have a sense of humor in this ministry! I must admit, some of the secularists are very creative in the ways they distort what we’ve written (or said) in their attempts to attack our credibility. In …

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Apologetics Teaching Growing in Brazil

Ken Ham with Tassos Lycurgo

It was good to welcome Brazilian attorney and biblical apologist Tassos Lycurgo to our offices as the World Cup soccer tournament—played in his native country—was winding down. He is a teacher in Brazil and also has a ministry called “Defesa …

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Another Anti-Creation Museum, Anti-Ark Blitz!

Well, it’s on again! When we announced several years ago that the Creation Museum’s construction was moving ahead, secularists attacked our efforts. Well, it’s happening again with the Ark Encounter as it moves ahead! The intolerant secularists have been writing …

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AiG Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner Presents More Excellent Research

Johnson Observatory Telescopes

In a recent staff meeting, Answers in Genesis astronomer Danny Faulkner briefed the staff on his recent trip to Boston to attend the 224th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). Dr. Faulkner runs the Creation Museum’s state-of-the-art observatory and …

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Promoting AiG to Southern Baptists

photo 1

Answers in Genesis had the opportunity this week to promote our ministry at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, which was held in Baltimore, Maryland. We had a display on the Ark Encounter project, along with various …

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Outstanding Research

This morning on my Facebook, I linked to a short video featuring a published and renowned scientist—who is a biblical creationist. I praise the Lord for the many creation scientists not only inside AiG, but those who work in …

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In Memoriam on Memorial Day


Today, Memorial Day here in America, I am thinking of a man who served in the U.S. Army and also served His Lord. Art Hunsicker was a volunteer at AiG and the Creation Museum for about 15 years, and he …

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Unique Science Camp

Dan Wooster shared about Camp Infinity with AiG staff this morning.

I’m happy to share a one-of-a-kind youth camp with you that’s coming to our northern Kentucky area this summer called Camp Infinity. Ci, as it’s called, combines teaching in science and technology with a strong creation-apologetics focus.

Founded by …

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