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We Must All Be Reminded What’s at Stake

Last night, my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” was held at the Creation Museum. We both presented our cases and defended our positions—I stood on the infallible Word of God, while Nye stood for man’s fallible ideas. But …

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Ken Ham Opinion Piece on CNN Website

As today is the big debate day (7 PM eastern time tonight at the Creation Museum), CNN Belief Blog published an opinion piece I wrote. The award-winning CNN reporter Tom Foreman is the moderator of my debate with Bill Nye …

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Award-Winning “Answers” Magazine Now Expanded

Who would have ever thought that when Answers magazine was first launched in 2006, it would become one of the biggest Christian magazines in the USA.  It is the world’s leading creation/apologetics and Christian worldview magazine.  Over the years, this …

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Conspiracy Theories Abound

Since the tickets to the debate with Bill Nye and me sold out just two minutes after being offered yesterday, many secular bloggers and people commenting on their blogs have referred to this quick ticket sell-out with all sorts of …

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Evolutionists Running Scared

The anti-creationist website Panda’s Thumb has an item about the upcoming debate between Bill Nye (the “Science Guy” of TV fame) and me. AiG released information about this February 4 debate yesterday on our website.

It didn’t take long …

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Yes, the Debate with Bill Nye Is On

Well, we were going to make this announcement next week, but our friends at the post office were able to get our January newsletter into AiG supporters’ homes very early this time,  so the word is now getting out about …

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New Book Selling like “Hotcakes” through Answers in Genesis

One of our long-time friends, Dr. Don DeYoung, president of the Creation Research Society and professor at Grace College and Seminary in Indiana, has written a science activity book for students that has been one of the recent bestsellers through …

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They Traveled a Long Distance to See the Nativity

Last evening I met travelers from California, Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and many other states as over 1,700 came to visit Christmas Town at the Creation Museum.

AiG photographer Deb Minnard walked around and took some photographs:

We still have five …

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Origins of the Universe—Great New DVD!

Here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we’re always searching for new resources that are biblically sound that you can use to equip yourself and your families to defend the faith. Just as important is the opportunity to …

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A Great Equipping Resource on Reading the Bible

Have you ever heard the question asked, “What does this Bible verse mean to you?” Personal opinions that are not rooted in Scripture have become commonplace in the church today. So I want to share with you a special DVD …

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