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A Real Pioneer

John Whitcomb and Ken Ham interview

In our staff meeting last week we had a very special guest speaker. Dr. John Whitcomb, one of the founders and pioneers of the modern-day creation movement, is nearly 90 years old. But even so, he delivered a powerful talk …

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Don’t Miss the Answers for Pastors Conference—Live or Online!

Dr n Mrs Whitcomb visit 4-6-06 001

There’s a special event happening very soon at the Creation Museum. In just over a week, we’ll be hosting our fourth Answers for Pastors conference here at the museum, in our very own Legacy Hall. The Answers for Pastors conference …

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Terrific Teens

Check for Ark Encounter

Last week I was presented a check in the amount of $1,000 for the Ark Encounter project. Now, we receive a few checks of that amount, but this gift was extra special. It was given to us by sixteen- and …

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Join the Raptor Run!

Raptor Run 5K

Do you enjoy running? Do you like supporting a worthy cause? Today I’d like to tell you about a special program that the Creation Museum puts on each fall—the Raptor Run 5K!

Whether you like to sprint or just walk …

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Grand Canyon Observations

Juming into Colorado River

We have many staff members who are continually traveling around America and overseas to present biblical truths in a variety of settings. A week and a half ago, our staff astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner once again was a leader of …

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Interesting People at AiG and the Creation Museum

Ken interview with Vision Forum

Before I left for Australia, I had the opportunity to do a few media interviews, including two film projects. One project is on hummingbirds, of all things! The other project is associated with our friends at Vision Forum Ministries, …

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The Galapagos and Genesis

Galapagos Islands book cover

Today, I want to share some exciting news with you. Dr. Georgia Purdom, who has a PhD in molecular genetics, was asked a few years ago to join a group of homeschool students on a tour of the famous …

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“The Ecology Book”—Another Great Resource for Families!

The Ecology Book

Our online bookstore is carrying a brand new, biblically based resource for teaching children about God’s creation. The Ecology Book by Tom Hennigan and Jean Lightner is a great addition to the Wonders of Creation curriculum series available in our …

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Mourning the Loss of a Dear Friend and Colleague

Graham and Anthea Scott

Our hearts go out to the family of a great servant of the Lord, Graham Scott, who passed away on Monday. Graham was the former head of our sister ministry in the United Kingdom, AiG–UK/Europe. Frankly, there would be no …

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The Passing of a Wonderful Servant of God

Graham and Anthea Scott

I have some sad news to share: My long-time friend and colleague, Graham Scott, who headed up our sister group in the United Kingdom for many years, passed away yesterday. He was a very dedicated servant of God who worked …

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