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Did Eve Come from Adam or an “Ape-Woman”?

Did Eve come directly from Adam or through preexisting animals? Were Adam and Eve the first two people, or do they represent in some way the human race? Are we descendants of one man and woman, or are we descendants …

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Biases and the Ark Project

At AiG, including inside our Creation Museum, we constantly share with people that their worldview is a starting point for how they interpret scientific evidence about the unobservable past. In a striking exhibit inside the museum, for example, our first …

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More Evidence That We’re Losing Our Young People

Christians need to be doing much more to rescue our children from the culture—a culture that continues to erode the authority of God’s Word.  Our theme for AiG this year is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids” (Galatians 1:4). The …

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Dawkins, Krauss, and the Atheist Crusade

Well-known atheists Richard Dawkins (a vehement anti-creationist from England) and Lawrence Krauss (from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University and director of its Origins Project) are on a crusade.

They star in a documentary called …

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Unbiblical Fantasy—Now Being Promoted in Classrooms!

I recently published a blog post about the new Noah movie from Paramount Pictures. Now, I’ve made my views on this pagan film no secret, including through a recent video review. I viewed the film when it opened, and …

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New Billboards Proclaim the Real Noah

"Meet the Real Noah" Billboard

“Meet the Real Noah”—that’s the message that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people this weekend (and also on Monday) on strategically placed billboards in Hollywood/Los Angeles and Times Square in New York City.

The new boards are …

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Meet the Real Noah!


In response to the shocking unbiblical Hollywood “Noah” movie, AiG has launched an advertising campaign to let people know that they can bring their kids free to the Creation Museum this year—and learn the truth about Noah, the Ark, and

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So Burdened About Christian Colleges

I am so burdened when I think of the thousands and thousands of students who attend Christian colleges like Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan—students who are being influenced at such schools to undermine the authority of Scripture in many …

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Paramount Executive Levels Ad Hominem Attack

A Paramount executive has leveled an ad hominem attack against me because I spoke out against the unbiblical movie this studio just produced, Noah.

In The Hollywood Reporter (and as was also reported in The Christian Post), Paramount …

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Does Bill Maher Really Want Answers?

Bill Maher, the blaspheming HBO-TV commentator and comedian, continues to be in the news. His most recent tirade against God was in the context of the new Hollywood film Noah and was reported by the Washington Times:

“But the

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