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Hell Will Not Convince Bill Nye of a Young Earth

Bill Nye has made some blatantly anti-biblical, agenda-driven statements recently in an attempt to promote his religion of naturalism (secular humanism) to the culture. Some of the latest propaganda from Bill Nye was from a feature article in the September …

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Politician Has Loose Grasp on What Scientific Progress Is

I have been greatly burdened hearing the news that is coming out of my homeland of Australia. Taking on the language of Bill Nye’s YouTube video, “Creationism Is Not Appropriate for Children,” Greens politician John Kaye is arguing …

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Humanist Chaplains—What’s the Point?

Some time ago the American Humanist Association held a briefing to encourage Congress to implement humanist chaplains in the military. In their report on the meeting, the AHA explains the need for so-called humanist chaplains:

“We are focusing on

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Science Textbook Reviewer Visits Creation Museum

Textbook Reviewer

Dr. Dan Biddle of California has a special website for students (and their parents) in grades six through high school in the public schools of California to help them investigate the claims made in public school science textbooks. Because the …

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Nobel-Winning Scientists Push for Ban of Creation in Scottish Schools

I have emphasized over and over that we are in a war and the battle is for the hearts and minds of our kids and news coming out of Scotland only confirms this.

Scientists with the Scottish Secular Society are …

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Gorillas—Just Like Us?

The Cincinnati Zoo has a brand new addition to the gorilla exhibit. One of the gorillas, called Asha, gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla. Now, this is very exciting, and I’ve enjoyed many family outings to this excellent, well-known …

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Christian Singer Michael Gungor Makes More Outrageous Claims


I recently responded to Michael Gungor’s (member of the band Gungor) assertion that “NO REASONABLE PERSON takes the entire Bible completely literally” (emphasis Gungor’s). You can read the complete article on our website. Well, Gungor recently appeared on The Liturgists

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A Fairy Tale for Grown Ups

Surely I don’t need to say anything more about this video clip and a claim that “these walking fish raised out of water on land help explain evolution” than quote this verse:

Professing to be wise, they became fools. (Romans

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So-Called “Gender Identity”—Another Threat to Religious Freedom

Well, President Obama’s disregard for biblical authority was made clear once again. The Baptist Press reported last month that President Obama signed an executive order that could threaten religious freedom:

President Obama has used his authority to extend workplace protections

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“Popular (Evolution) Science”

Bob Worstell with Popular Science Magazine

Creation Museum member Bob Worstell shared something interesting with us recently. About 55 years ago, he subscribed to the magazine Popular Science but soon stopped. A few weeks ago, Bob thought he would subscribe again to Popular Science, and …

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