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A Post on the Post Has It All Wrong!

At yesterday’s staff meeting, I shared why the new Noah film should not be promoted by Christians.

The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, is considered the most influential newspaper in the USA. But you can’t necessarily believe what you read there, including a recent post by a Post blogger. The blogger claimed …

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Four Great Reasons to Attend Our Popular “Creation College 4”

This summer AiG will be hosting our fourth Creation College at the Creation Museum. On August 20–23 this practical conference—sometimes with 700 people in attendance—will provide foundational training in the foundational book of the Bible, Genesis. It is a must-attend …

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Ignorance and Misinformation Abounds

There has been a lot of excitement about the Cosmos TV series as well as last week’s announcement that supposed evidence for the big bang been found, which received major headlines. The Cosmos program has been airing for several weeks …

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Bill Maher Is Going to Pass On

I certainly don’t say this lightly, but for comedian and TV commentator Bill Maher and his present spiritual state, I make that comment above about his future with great sadness.

In fact, I’m sure that even every atheist would agree …

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Update on Hobby Lobby and Obamacare


Last year, I wrote a blog about the controversy over Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts retail chain, and its filing against the Obamacare healthcare mandate. Under the mandate, Hobby Lobby is required to offer health insurance that provides

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BioLogos Funds Projects to Undermine the Authority of the Word

The BioLogos Foundation is committed to trying to get the church to reconcile evolution with the Bible. In 2012 BioLogos offered grants through their Evolution and Christian Faith program to people who wanted to produce “new resources and opportunities to …

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Yet Another Hollywood Deception to Promote the Noah Movie

Well, Paramount has done it again! The studio has produced a new trailer for the Noah movie (to be released in theaters March 28) that I believe is really another Hollywood deception (like the previous video clip). It’s designed to …

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Living in a Culture of Death

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

When does life begin? That question is a controversial one among secularists and even some Christians. And you know, the conclusions that many people have reached are disturbing and unbiblical—and they reflect the way our Western culture promotes death over …

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Retraction Coming from the HuffPost? Doubt it

I am wondering if the anti-Christian website the Huffington Post will be commenting and complaining about a bar and brewery (with restaurant) that wants to open in our Cincinnati area—which was once a church—that is being partially funded by tax …

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Camp Infinity and STEM—Coming to Northern Kentucky!

I have a very exciting opportunity to announce for young people.  This summer Camp Infinity is offering two identical weeks of their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  Introduction Camp for Middle School.  This is a unique opportunity for …

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