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Scientists Say Atheists Might Not Exist

According to recent research, atheists may not actually exist! In an article for Science 2.0, Nury Vittachi wrote that the way human brains are wired seems to make it impossible for someone to actually be a true atheist.

Nury …

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Brought Back to Christianity By Compromise?

In a previous post, I responded to a claim that young-earth creationists are lying to children, and when our children realize they’ve been lied to for years, they will leave the Christian faith. Well, a recent blog from BioLogos …

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UK Mother Legally Ends Her 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Life

A story making headlines in the UK makes it clear that some people, rather than viewing life as a gift from God, have decided to play god in certain cases to determine themselves when and how a person should die. …

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Should a Bible Museum Serve Only “Eden Food”?

Construction on a new Bible museum in Washington, DC, has begun and will attempt to show the “impact, history, and narrative” of the Bible. This museum, founded by the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, is expected to open in …

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Dolly Parton Says Christians Shouldn’t Judge

When Christians publicly take a stand on moral issues, such as homosexual behavior and gay marriage, they are often accused of being judgmental. Well, the famous country singer Dolly Parton used this argument recently in an interview with Billboard. …

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Nye’s Book Undeniable Is Undeniably Inaccurate

Bill Nye’s new book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation combines Nye’s false claim that biblical young-earth creation is dangerously unscientific with his equally false claim that the foundation of all science is evolution. He asserts that all scientific …

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Does Young-Earth Creation Make Atheists?

An argument used in some recent blogs and social media posts is the idea that teaching young-earth creation leads to atheism!

In a recent blog post, James McGrath, associate professor of religion and philosophy at Butler University (and well known …

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Let’s Teach Our Kids to Discern

It’s no secret that government schools in the United States and around the world mostly teach that the earth has existed for billions of years, that people evolved from ape-like creatures, and that human life has no purpose or meaning …

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Questioning Cosmos

I expect that an anti-biblical American TV series will soon be used in public schools across the country, and I want parents to be prepared to counter the series’ evolutionary arguments from a biblical standpoint.

Early this year, the 13-episode …

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Is the Pope Right That “God Is Not Afraid of New Things”?

Pope Francis is not the first religious leader who has endorsed evolution and the big bang, but he is certainly one of the most influential.

Following in the tradition of other recent popes, Pope Francis has compromised biblical authority in …

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