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Fire Chief Fired for His Christian Faith

As one firefighter is reportedly out of a job after standing up for biblical authority, religious freedom is under attack in America yet again. Thankfully, the Bible gives us truth and understanding in the midst of persecution.

According to Fox

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10 Atheist Non-Commandments

The authors of a new book on atheistic living held a contest in which they invited secularists to submit their suggestions for “10 Atheist Non-Commandments.” (By the way—isn’t it interesting that they are doing what the devil has been doing …

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Is an Orangutan a Person?

An orangutan at the Berlin Zoo in Germany.

Image credit: by David Arvidsson (originally posted to Flickr as DSC_1055_ApesEat) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Human rights are not just for humans anymore! You see, according to …

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Scottish Government Rejects Creation Ban

I wanted to share some good news with you and give you an update to a blog post I wrote in September about a potential ban on teaching creation in Scottish public schools.

The Scottish government has decided not to …

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Bill Nye Tells a Fairy Tale

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV and debate fame has produced a short video that’s on YouTube (and was promoted through various media outlets) supposedly to explain evolution with what’s called Emoji!

Now the video has had about …

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How Did Snakes Get Their Venomous Bite?

Mohave rattlesnake

Image credit: by Lvthn13 via Wikimedia Commons

If God called His creation “very good,” then why does it include dangerous venomous snakes today? Are secular researchers on the right track as they examine the snake genome in order …

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“Wise Men” Remove Nativities

Lately we’ve highlighted many examples of Christian symbols being removed from the culture in favor of a religion of humanism/atheism. Well, this has happened yet again. According to Fox News, after complaints from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a …

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Creation Museum Mocked on Saturday Night Live

Someone on Facebook informed us early this morning that our Creation Museum was mocked last night on NBC TV’s popular Saturday Night Live program. I never watch this broadcast, but we went online and found the segment. On a mock …

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Flying Is the Pits!

Well, after what the airline Virgin Australia did to us this week, I think I should begin writing the book I’ve always threatened to write—Flying Is the Pits!

As many of you know, we were recently in Australia …

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Who’s Really Raising Kids Who Can’t Think?

Over the past few months, and especially since the evolution/creation debate in February, I’ve blogged many times about statements that Bill Nye “the Science Guy” has made to the media. Many of these statements are inflammatory against creationists (and really …

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