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Trusting God’s Word in the Midst of Tragedy

We recently received a heart-breaking but encouraging story that I would like to share with you. This testimony shows the practical importance of developing a trust in God’s Word from the very beginning. When hard times come, our feet need …

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“You gave me back my trust in God and His Word!”

We constantly hear testimonies of how God is using AiG all over the world to encourage and equip believers to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning. Well, recently we received a particularly engaging email from …

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“Thank You for Coming to Teach Us”

Every year AiG speakers present at dozens of conferences and churches all around the globe on biblical authority and the true history of the world as recorded in Genesis. These conferences encourage Christians to take a bold stand on the …

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“Thank You for Never Giving Up”

We praise God for the impact that Answers in Genesis is having around the world. We often hear from people who had lingering questions about the Christian faith that had never been answered, but who found the answers on our …

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Creation Museum “Overwhelming, Refreshing, and Encouraging”

Since the Creation Museum opened in 2007, we have received hundreds of encouraging emails, letters, and posts on social media thanking us for proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in such a high-quality format. I thought I would share a …

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“Evidence to Back Up My Faith”

We are constantly blessed to hear from people who have been encouraged, challenged, and strengthened by our ministry. AiG staff loves hearing these testimonies and being encouraged. Here are a few that we have received via email and Facebook recently:…

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New Answers Book Sparks Spiritual Conversations

“So Do You Have Any Answers?”

We received this email from a Canadian teacher who has been using the New Answers Books to spark faith-centered conversations:

I’m a teacher out in Canada and love your ministry and what it has

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AiG Continues to Make an Impact!

Every so often, I like to share encouraging letters and testimonies I’ve received from AiG supporters.

Not long ago, I met a family at a homeschool conference that has been using AiG materials for 20 years! Their children had their …

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Debate Turning Young Man Back to the Lord

It’s been a few months since my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” here at our museum, and we continue to receive encouraging reports of how the Lord is using this event to change lives. For example, here is …

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“WOW. What an amazing place.”

Here is wonderful testimonial from a Creation Museum visitor. As I read the many accounts like this that we receive every day, they are a great encouragement to me and the staff. And it encourages me to know that we …

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