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New Answers Book Sparks Spiritual Conversations

“So Do You Have Any Answers?”

We received this email from a Canadian teacher who has been using the New Answers Books to spark faith-centered conversations:

I’m a teacher out in Canada and love your ministry and what it has

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AiG Continues to Make an Impact!

Every so often, I like to share encouraging letters and testimonies I’ve received from AiG supporters.

Not long ago, I met a family at a homeschool conference that has been using AiG materials for 20 years! Their children had their …

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Debate Turning Young Man Back to the Lord

It’s been a few months since my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” here at our museum, and we continue to receive encouraging reports of how the Lord is using this event to change lives. For example, here is …

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“WOW. What an amazing place.”

Here is wonderful testimonial from a Creation Museum visitor. As I read the many accounts like this that we receive every day, they are a great encouragement to me and the staff. And it encourages me to know that we …

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“You Have Made a Difference”

Last week, I presented two keynote addresses and six workshops at the Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE) annual convention. I have spoken at a number of state home educator conventions this year—as I have done each year for many years …

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“We’ve Never Been the Same”

From time to time I like to share a sample of the numerous encouraging notes we receive from people. Here is one that came in recently—I wanted you to share in the blessing of receiving such feedback:

It is our

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CBN News Gives Fair Coverage of Ark Encounter

As many of you already know, CBN TV founder Pat Robertson does not agree with AiG’s approach to the Genesis account of creation. Robertson doesn’t believe in a young earth or that the book of Genesis is fully literal history. …

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“The LORD set my feet on the solid rock”

As I was preparing for the recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” (that was held at the Creation Museum on February 4), I saw a lot of nasty comments from secularists. Some stated that scientists shouldn’t debate creationists …

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Debate Outreach in West Virginia

I continue to hear great feedback about the debate I had with Bill Nye on February 4 at our Creation Museum. While I am thrilled to know that over 10 million people (conservatively) have watched the debate—and many more recently …

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God’s Word Honored and the Gospel Proclaimed

Although I’ve received an enormous amount of feedback since my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV fame, the overwhelming response has been thankfulness that God’s Word was honored and the gospel was presented clearly (watch the …

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