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Just as Relevant to 100-Year-Olds

Millions of years

Every now and then I love to share testimonies with you about the impact of AiG resources on people’s lives. This is a rather unique testimony, so I wanted it to be my blog post for today.

Here is the …

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Be Encouraged

We receive numerous phone calls, emails, and letters each week from people sharing how the work of AiG has impacted lives for the Lord. We also hear many testimonies from those we meet at the Creation Museum, conferences, …

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Assistant Manager at Cincinnati Museum Center Derides Creation Museum

Editor’s note: Two days after this blog was posted, leaders representing both the Cincinnati Museum Center and the Creation Museum spoke (June 9). The Creation Museum was assured that the assistant manager in question at the Cincinnati Museum Center is

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Canadians at the “Disney-Quality” Creation Museum

Here is a Creation Museum testimony from a Canadian man who reported on a trip that his church recently took to the museum. Frankly, I have been surprised that so many Canadians have visited the museum. When I speak inside …

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More Media Coverage of the Museum

The Creation Museum has been open now for six years (incredible to believe), and one thing that continues to surprise me is the number of media representatives who continue to drop by. Recently, it was an international reporter with the

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The Liberty to Go to Liberty

Already Compromised

Recently a good friend of mine and great friend of AiG, Dr. David DeWitt (director, Center for Creation Studies; chair, Department of Biology and Chemistry, professor of biology at Liberty University in Virginia), forwarded a testimony to me that was …

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Take a Creation Guide with You on Summer Vacation!

BLog photo B

Now, we don’t have enough AiG staff for each of you to have your own personal creationist tour guide as you visit national parks, zoos, and museums this summer. But you can do what this family below did. They took …

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Meeting at the Creation Museum


A couple visiting the Creation Museum this past week had a very interesting story to tell us.

Jeff is from Sevierville, Tennessee (where we will be holding our national family conference in July, by the way). Ellie is from Tokyo, …

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Great ABC Opportunity for Canadians

Answers in Genesis participates in and organizes “Answers” conferences around the USA and in many countries every year.  Sometimes we choose to participate by having a booth at select conferences put on by organizations who share our passion for reaching …

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I Would Rather Learn More About God

Birthday Card - Anna Williams[1]

We’ve had many people come to the Creation Museum to celebrate significant occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. Recently, a seven-year-old girl named Anna decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday at the Creation Museum. I thought I …

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