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Reaching Out To Public School Educators

Answers in Genesis continued its yearly outreach at the National Education Association’s annual convention, once again donating multiple thousands of dollars’ worth of books, DVDs, magazines, and other resources—all of which were freely given away to thousands of teachers at …

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Christians—Broken, Adopted Orphans

AiG board member Tony Biller and his wife are in the process of adopting six orphans from eastern Europe. Tony wrote a very insightful blog about the journey the Lord led them on to get to this point. I believe …

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Ignorance and Misinformation Abounds

There has been a lot of excitement about the Cosmos TV series as well as last week’s announcement that supposed evidence for the big bang been found, which received major headlines. The Cosmos program has been airing for several weeks …

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Camp Infinity and STEM—Coming to Northern Kentucky!

I have a very exciting opportunity to announce for young people.  This summer Camp Infinity is offering two identical weeks of their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  Introduction Camp for Middle School.  This is a unique opportunity for …

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What Are You Going to Believe?

I asked AiG board member Tony Biller to write a guest blog post for today.  It’s titled ‘’What are you going to believe?” As many Christians will have the opportunity to share something about my Tuesday evening evolution/creation debate with …

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Comet ISON Confirms A Young Universe

Comet ISON grave

There has been much talk in the media about the comet ISON that was (past tense!!) going to put on a spectacular display for us.  AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner authored the script for the incredible Comet ISON planetarium program …

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Does Christianity + Submissive Wives = Domestic Violence?

This is a portion of a blog post by AiG speaker and researcher, Dr. Georgia Purdom:

Although this equation might seem strange to most of my readers, it was an equation being promoted in a recent article in the Washington

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A Student’s Anti-Museum Blog Gets Noticed on the Internet—Our Response

Yesterday afternoon I was “winging my way” back to my homeland of Australia. I will be arriving in Queensland right after this blog gets posted and will be “down under” for more than two weeks. Because of the last hectic …

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God Is Good

It’s time to share one of the many positive testimonies we receive on a regular basis. AiG speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell shares with us today:

Several months ago, I met a wonderful couple at a conference in Mississippi.

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The “Christ-less” Christmas Carol

This past week, I noticed that the well-known film The Christmas Carol (there are different versions of the movie) was shown on television, as it is usually broadcast each year at this time.

It is what you would call a …

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