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Watch Our Design(er) Conference at Your Leisure

This past week, AiG ran a unique event we called our “Design(er)” conference. Now, note that we didn’t call it the “Design” conference! At Answers in Genesis we will never divorce the arguments for design in nature from the Designer—we …

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Surprised? Not at All!

Should we be surprised at the comment made by a BioLogos staff member on the new Hollywood movie, “Noah”?  Not at all.  BioLogos is the organization that attempts to lead Christians to compromise Genesis with evolutionary ideas—thus undermining the authority …

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Meet the Real Noah!


In response to the shocking unbiblical Hollywood “Noah” movie, AiG has launched an advertising campaign to let people know that they can bring their kids free to the Creation Museum this year—and learn the truth about Noah, the Ark, and

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The Truth Chronicles Book 6—Order For Your Teen Today!

The Truth Chronicles Book 6

In our secularized culture, it’s very difficult to find fiction books for teens that are appropriate and family friendly—and that stand on the authority of God’s Word. At Answers in Genesis, we want to provide quality resources for your teens …

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Watch AiG’s Noah Movie Review

Last night, six of our researchers, writers, and speakers and I conducted a panel discussion about the new Hollywood movie Noah. We all went to watch the movie on Thursday night. On Friday evening we live streamed our movie …

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Four Great Reasons to Attend Our Popular “Creation College 4”

This summer AiG will be hosting our fourth Creation College at the Creation Museum. On August 20–23 this practical conference—sometimes with 700 people in attendance—will provide foundational training in the foundational book of the Bible, Genesis. It is a must-attend …

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Join Me for a Live-Stream Movie Review of Noah on Friday!

In order to give you as much advanced noticed as possible, I am publishing this blog post tonight instead of Wednesday, March 26.

Lately I have written a lot about the upcoming Russell Crowe film Noah. My comments were …

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Are You Ready? There’s No Time to Lose!

Dale Mason of our staff just sent me the following announcement that we wanted all of you to read right away about an excellent recent release on Noah and the Flood.

Hollywood’s thoroughly fictionalized and unbiblical Noah film comes out

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Equip Your Children with Answers!

Kids Free in 2014

Here at the Creation Museum, we have a special program this year called “Kids Free in 2014.” With a paying adult, all children 12 and under get into the Creation Museum for free! This has all been part …

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Grand Canyon Raft Trips Still Available!

Every year, Answers in Genesis partners with Canyon Ministries to offer rafting trips through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. Our speakers and the guides at Canyon Ministries give the biblical perspective on the formation of Grand Canyon, which …

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