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An “Incredible” Asset for the Region

Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce meeting

Answers in Genesis, our Creation Museum, and future Ark Encounter have made it a priority to become involved in our local community through a variety of ways. This includes our membership in our local chamber of commerce, as we …

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Join Us Tonight—Special Live-Stream Event with Archaeologist Henry Smith


Tonight Answers magazine readers will get another opportunity to talk with an author about an article in our family-friendly magazine Answers.

At 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), you can join Henry Smith Jr., an archaeologist with the Associates for Biblical …

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“Flat Ken” Is Here!

Flat Ken with one of his favorite foods (Vegemite) and one of his favorite drinks (Milo)!

A few weeks ago, a Creation Museum staff member approached me and asked, “How would you like to be Flat Ken?” Now, in Australia we call what Americans call a “dead” battery, a “flat” battery!  So I wasn’t sure what …

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It’s Time to Break the News to Secularists!

Creation Museum Guests

Last year (and even earlier this year), many secular websites and blogs, in their desperate attempts to deliberately malign the Creation Museum, tried to spread blatant untruths about the museum’s attendance and revenue. What’s new for these people who it …

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Help Us Get Buddy Davis’s Song into the Top 10!

Buddy Davis ad

Buddy Davis is a dinosaur sculptor, singer, songwriter, workshop leader, and lecturer on Genesis for kids and adults as part of his ministry at AiG. A number of Buddy’s dinosaurs are featured in the large Dinosaur Den exhibit at the …

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Biblically Based Tours Come to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon rim tour

No matter where you go when visiting America’s national parks, city zoos, and other attractions, the religion of evolution and millions of years permeates the culture. To help combat these lies and proclaim the authority of God’s Word, every year …

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Buddy Davis’s Hit Song Moves Up on the Charts!

Songs of Life, Love, and Faith

Did you know that Buddy Davis has taken some of the popular sayings in my presentations and put them to song? They are very catchy and teach important points that children—and parents—can remember easily.  Really, Buddy is teaching creation apologetics …

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Register Today for Creation College 4

Creation College 4 is coming to the Creation Museum from August 20–23. Sponsored in part by Cedarville University, this event provides foundational training in the foundational book—Genesis. This is one event that anyone wanting to present, teach, or just …

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Equipping People Around the World—Including in Honduras!

Steve Fazekas and Steve Ham in front of the Good Samaritan auditorium in San Marcos

Steve Ham, AiG’s director of international outreach, returned last weekend from Honduras, where he and two other AiG staff shared the truths of Scripture with pastors, teachers, and students. The response was incredible! I wanted to share Steve’s account of …

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Don’t Miss This Great Time of Teaching

1402_answersforpastors_header (1)

Pastors and Christian leaders are called to a good work, and it is a task that Scripture, of course, takes seriously. The Bible states, “If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work” (1 Timothy …

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