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Something Big Is Almost Here!


For the past couple of months when people walked through the Flood Geology exhibits at our Creation Museum, they saw an area cordoned off with a large curtain—with a sign that reads, “Something big is coming.” Well that “something …

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Baseball Players at the Creation Museum

Some of you may know that being a big fan of cricket, I am now getting a better appreciation of its “cousin”: American baseball. From time to time I get to attend a game and watch our hometown team, the …

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Something Big Is Coming!


Yes, something BIG and world class is coming to the Creation Museum.  Kids, dads, and moms will be fascinated and intrigued by it.  The secularists will really loathe the Creation Museum for having this incredible new addition to this

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Media and Ministries to Share with You

Pastor Peter LaRuffa

I sometimes use this blog to share some of the behind-the-scenes activities at the Creation Museum and AiG, including mentioning some of the media outlets that continue to drop by, tour the museum, and interview us. On just one upcoming …

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Equip Your Children with Answers!

Kids Free in 2014

Here at the Creation Museum, we have a special program this year called “Kids Free in 2014.” With a paying adult, all children 12 and under get into the Creation Museum for free! This has all been part …

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More Kids at the Creation Museum

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

A family from Florida recently sent us some photos as an encouragement to our entire AiG staff. The family’s 10-year-old and 7-year-old children reminisced about their visit to our Creation Museum and wanted to recreate the experience in a unique …

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Where Was Waldo the Coati?


Here at the Creation Museum, we have a very special animal—a Coati named Waldo. Now, we regularly make sure the animals in our petting zoo are healthy and receive the various treatments they need. Waldo the Coati is no exception.…

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Praise for AiG Resources!

Answers Bible Curriculum

A supporter contacted us recently with nothing but praise for our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) for Sunday school and our IncrediWorld Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials. After purchasing the IncrediWorld VBS kit and the first full year of …

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Potentially Reaching Millions

The upcoming debate with Bill Nye has turned into a major event with potentially millions being able watch the debate live. Here are the first two paragraphs of a lead article I wrote for the AiG website today:

I am

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Family Conference at the Creation Museum

As you know, our Creation Museum is now the host of many Bible-upholding conferences and special events. AiG itself is sponsoring many of them throughout 2014, including my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” on February 4, plus a …

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