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Winter Wonderland!

snow pano 4A

“Have you entered the treasury of snow” (Job 38:22)

As more snow is forecast today for our Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area, I thought you would enjoy seeing photographs taken at the Creation Museum after a snowfall this past week. We don’t …

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Praise the Lord for the “Great Remnant”!


Last night another 5,000 people attended Christmas Town—that’s 10,000 in the last two days! Also, the last two days have seen around 5,500 visitors go through the Creation Museum.

As I walked in the very crowded Main Hall of …

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Child’s Sacrificial Gift


At Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we receive many letters of support and encouragement from people who have benefited from our resources and from the ministry of the museum.

Some of the letters I find the most touching …

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Should Your Kids Be “Walking with Dinosaurs”?

Can kids tell the difference between fiction and truth?


Here’s the problem.  Most kids today attend public schools, where they are taught fiction (evolution) as fact!  Then they go to see a movie at a theater such as the …

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“Redemption” Here at the Creation Museum

Word of Life "Redemption" music group

For about 25 years, I have had the privilege of speaking at the Word of Life conference and Bible Institute facilities in New York State. I have given conferences for the general public and also spoken to Bible Institute students …

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“New Christmas Town” a Hit!

Garden of Lights

For the past few years, a woman in Iowa by the name of Ellen has brought many groups from Iowa and nearby states to the Creation Museum—about 600 miles away. She visited last Friday and this time had ten friends …

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Are Churches Preaching an Irrelevant Christmas Message?

Now that’s a provocative title! It’s coming up to Christmas, and tonight is the start of the spectacular New Christmas Town live nativity and lights (and incredible food) at the Creation Museum.

But what is the real message of Christmas?…

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Doritos at the Creation Museum!

College Expo

Here is a link to a 30-second Doritos commercial. Why am I linking to it on my blog? Well, it was filmed entirely inside the Creation Museum a few weeks ago. (Note: on some smartphones and tablets, you may …

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The Smithsonian—An “Evolution Museum”


It’s always encouraging to me when I receive letters of support about our ministry at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Recently, I received a letter from a family who had toured the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Their …

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Comet ISON—Coming Soon!

Comet ISON

Answers in Genesis began a new web banner campaign recently to encourage people to view Comet ISON as its orbit brings it closer to earth. The campaign banner reads, “Comet ISON—Evidence of a Young Universe.”

If everything goes as most …

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