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A Duggar Surprise!

As I was getting ready to speak at the Creation Museum yesterday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and 14 of their children came through the door! The Duggars and other close family members had decided to pay a visit to …

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Bible-Affirming Christian Colleges

In a recent blog post I warned parents of the growing compromise on biblical authority in many Christian colleges. Parents will often spend thousands of dollars trying to ensure their child receives a solid, godly education only to send them …

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Zip Lines at the Creation Museum Just Got Better!

Here at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky we have the biggest and best zip lines in the Midwest—and they just got better!

We were already using the very best hardware available on the market, called the Smart Snap system, …

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89-Year-Old WWII Vet on Zip Lines!

His World War II cap caught the eye of one of our staff members inside the Creation Museum recently. When asked, the veteran, Ollie Odle Sr. (89)—and who had been a pastor for most of his life—shared a little about …

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Watch Our New Digital Billboard Outreach in Washington, DC!

Over two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about a Creation Museum digital billboard that was placed in Washington, DC.

As you know, the nation’s capital features one of the leading atheistic evolutionary museums in the world: the Smithsonian …

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Visitors Galore!

Last week, we had a number of international visitors in what was one of our busiest weeks in the past seven years at the Creation Museum (over 15,000 visitors Saturday–Saturday). Guests included a Christian academic, Subash Pradhan of Nepal Baptist …

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It’s Encouraging and Discouraging

Yes—it’s an encouragement that crowds continue to flock to the Creation Museum, as they have done in the past for more than seven years since our 2007 opening. We had over 2,000 visitors at the Creation Museum yesterday! We received …

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AiG Reaching into Washington, DC!

The nation’s capital features one of the leading atheistic evolutionary museums in the world: the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Because millions of people visit Washington, DC, each year, we decided to reach into this influential city and let people know …

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The Bible Memory Man

The “Bible Memory Man” (as we call him), Tom Meyer, spoke at the Creation Museum this past week while most of our AiG lecturers were speaking at the Mega Conference in California. Tom has memorized many books of Scripture, and …

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“Flat Ken” Paves Way for Evangelistic Opportunities!

Have you heard about our new “Flat Ken” photo contest yet? Well, the Creation Museum is running a special summer photo contest featuring me—well, a flat version of me anyway! Frankly, I wasn’t keen about the contest at first. But …

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