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Meet a Famous Creation Scientist at Camp Infinity!

Dr. Raymond Damadian

My involvement with Answers in Genesis has resulted in meeting many interesting people. One of them is Dr. Raymond Damadian, who in 1969 demonstrated to the world that magnets can be used to scan human tissue to detect diseased …

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We Are Ready!

StormReady certificate

Earlier today I was thrilled to pick up, on behalf of the Creation Museum, a certification from the National Weather Service (NWS) that has designated our museum as a “StormReady Supporter.” An official with the NWS plus local officials representing …

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“Groupies” from Iowa


Now, I mean “groupies” in the nicest way!

I’m thrilled to be seeing so many groups visiting the Creation Museum over the past several weeks—including families with many children and teens. Now, while most visitors who come to the museum …

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“Preserving the Word”

St. John the Evangelist, Full-Page Illuminated Miniature from an Armenian Gospel Book (1620-1630)

Almost two years ago, we were blessed to have the opportunity to display spectacular manuscripts and other items at the Creation Museum in a special exhibit. These items are from the largest such private collection of Bible manuscripts and other …

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Saving a Shirt During a Heart Attack—A Big Heart for Ministry!

The following is a remarkable email sent to one of our staff members from a former Creation Museum employee. It’s about her wonderful father-in-law (and museum supporter), David. Here is her email about David and his recent heart attack, followed …

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Ebenezer the Allosaurus Is Finally Here!


Yesterday morning, staff members, special guests, and media representatives gathered at the Creation Museum for the unveiling of our $1.5 million Allosaurus exhibit—called “Facing the Allosaurus.”

Dr. Andrew Snelling (AiG’s geologist and director of research), Michael Peroutka (of the …

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New $1.5 Million Exhibit Opens at Creation Museum

Allosaur fossil

A new $1.5 million dinosaur exhibit at the Creation Museum housing a world-class allosaur skeleton—having one of the best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever discovered—goes on public display Saturday.

After recent cleaning and restoration, the 30-foot-long, 10-foot-high allosaur has been reappraised at …

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Something Big Is Almost Here!


For the past couple of months when people walked through the Flood Geology exhibits at our Creation Museum, they saw an area cordoned off with a large curtain—with a sign that reads, “Something big is coming.” Well that “something …

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Baseball Players at the Creation Museum

Some of you may know that being a big fan of cricket, I am now getting a better appreciation of its “cousin”: American baseball. From time to time I get to attend a game and watch our hometown team, the …

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Something Big Is Coming!


Yes, something BIG and world class is coming to the Creation Museum.  Kids, dads, and moms will be fascinated and intrigued by it.  The secularists will really loathe the Creation Museum for having this incredible new addition to this

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