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Exodus: Gods and Kings

This guest post by AiG CCO Mark Looy offers his opinion of the new Ridley Scott movie based on the account of the Exodus. There understandably will be many Christians offering different opinions on this film, but here is what …

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Constitutional Law Attorney Corrects Misinformation About the Ark Project

Amidst all the misinformation and false accusations coming from portions of the secular media, from the Democratic Speaker of the House in Kentucky, and from atheist bloggers in regard to the Ark Encounter project and its funding, we are thankful …

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A Secular Media Article—and It Is Accurate!

On rare occasions, we do come across an article in the secular media about the AiG ministry that is accurate. This week, we were pleased to read an article in Cincy magazine that was well written, and it accurately reported …

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Enquiring with the Enquirer?

Is the secular media by and large guilty of trying to censor Christianity from the public eye? I believe it is. Here is an example from the area where our Creation Museum is located.

Recently our Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper had …

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Affirmation of the Biblical Doctrine of Human Sexuality

While Kathleen Wynne has reportedly become the “the first openly gay elected premier in Canada,” the Southern Baptist leaders have affirmed the biblical doctrine of human sexuality.

A news report states, “While many claim that a person’s gender can differ …

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Should We Unite Around Man’s Fallible Word or God’s Infallible Word?

A news report Tuesday stated, “Hill is one of hundreds of pastors who signed a petition urging the church to remain unified and respect others’ opinions on homosexuality reports USA Today.”

BUT–should we unite around man’s fallible word OR unite …

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“Human Face Evolved to Minimize Injuries from Punches”?

So did you know that the “human face evolved to minimize injuries from punches during fights between males”?

“If indeed the evolution of our hand proportions were associated with selection for fighting behavior you might expect the primary target, the

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Who Is Going to Hate the Film A Matter of Faith?

Atheists and compromising Christians are going to hate A Matter of Faith! It’s a great new movie! If you’ve followed my blog or the AiG website for very long at all, you know that we don’t endorse very many …

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Meet the Real Noah!

In response to the shocking unbiblical Hollywood “Noah” movie, AiG has launched an advertising campaign to let people know that they can bring their kids free to the Creation Museum this year—and learn the truth about Noah, the Ark, and

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A Post on the Post Has It All Wrong!

The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, is considered the most influential newspaper in the USA. But you can’t necessarily believe what you read there, including a recent post by a Post blogger. The blogger claimed …

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