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Bill Nye’s Latest Rant Against AiG

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” wrote an article titled “Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate” that was recently published on a secular website (the Skeptical Inquirer) that has now been referred to or reposted on a number of websites

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“Just One Piece of Evidence”

Two authors recently weighed in on my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—and they’ve challenged my statement during the debate that I wouldn’t change my mind about the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James …

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Retraction Coming from the HuffPost? Doubt it

I am wondering if the anti-Christian website the Huffington Post will be commenting and complaining about a bar and brewery (with restaurant) that wants to open in our Cincinnati area—which was once a church—that is being partially funded by tax …

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Time Magazine—Retract Your False Statement

We are calling on Time magazine to retract a blatantly wrong statement on its website about my Tuesday debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy.” It was written by a reporter who wasn’t even present at the debate, as I …

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Sloppy Research for an Anti-AiG Academic

Karl Giberson, professor of science, religion, and writing at Stonehill College—and former vice president of BioLogos (which promotes theistic evolution) and previously a professor at a Nazarene college—wrote an article for The Daily Beast titled “2013 Was a Terrible

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Standing Up to Atheists

Atheists are a small minority in this nation—less than two percent of the population—yet such secularists have been involved in removing Christian symbols from public places and getting Christ out of Christmas. In recent years they have also become very …

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Media Reports on Kids Free

It was great to see a positive article from the Associated Press republished in many secular media outlets about AiG’s press release that kids 12 and under will be admitted free to the Creation Museum in 2014. It was also …

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The Smithsonian—An “Evolution Museum”

It’s always encouraging to me when I receive letters of support about our ministry at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Recently, I received a letter from a family who had toured the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Their …

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Ranting, Intolerant Psychology Professor . . . Again—Our Tax Dollars at Work

On the site, we read:

Public colleges and universities are typically operated under the supervision of state governments and are funded, in part, by tax dollars and subsidies from the state. As a result, these universities often offer free

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Who Is Dan Phelps?

Dan Phelps is the evolutionist who was quoted in an Associated Press article (printed in many newspapers around America, including in today’s edition of our hometown newspaper, the Kentucky Enquirer), responding to the news that the Creation Museum was …

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